Iheartradio users step in


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Im trying to figure out if i have a bad battery or if this phone just sucks when it comes to apps like iheartradio.. i can have iheartradio on for 30min at the cost of 15%battery.. yes thats right. In only 30minutes the battery drains that much when listening to it. My last phone being the samsung epic 4g lasted like 4 hours constantly on iheartradio.. i listen to it while at work..anyways when not listening to i heart radio i can get like 20hrs out of my phone.. but it seems like if i tried to run iheartradio that i can at most only get 2 hours from the battery.. wtf. Why is it that my old phone has a smaller battery yet last longer than my S3.. anyone any ideas here.. anyone see similar usuage out of your S3.