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I'll never knowingly purchase another ASUS product.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ultraspontane, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. ultraspontane

    ultraspontane Newbie
    Thread Starter

    By far the worst experience with modern consumer electronics I've had. And that goes for everything, TVs, PCs, game consoles, phones, everything. Nothing has failed as hard as the Nexus 7 tablets that I've purchased.

    I bought the first gen N7, ended up with random rebooting issues that rendered the tablet unusable. Bought the 2nd gen, and the horrible touch screen makes this one nearly unusable.

    My nexus 4 phone had been rock solid, never giving me any trouble. No rebooting, and perfect touch screen. Basically does everything the N7 does, just on a smaller screen. Oh yeah, and its actually USABLE.

    I was very disappointed to hear Google stuck with Asus for the 2nd gen N7 after the problems people were having with the 1st gen. Now whaddya know, BAM widespread touchscreen issues with the 2nd gen. Surprise surprise.

    What is Google thinking? Doesn't the Nexus brand command a higher standard than this cheap junk?

    I know you guys are lining up to say "mine works fine", well good for you. I'm happy for you. I'm glad you didn't waste $500 on two tablet shaped paperweights like I did, and actually ended up with a functional one. There are more than one 100+ page threads over at the official Google support where lots of people are pissed. So far Google is pretending the problem doesn't exist.

    This kind of BS is what drives someone to switch to Apple or Microsoft. SO frustrating.

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  2. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    They should of had samsung make the the new nexus.
  3. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    I've only had a few Asus products, a motherboard when I built my desktop, my laptop that I've had for 5 years, and a 2nd gen N7. Never had any problems with any of them. Something to consider is that all companies have some lemons. There isn't any manufacturer with a perfect track record. Just go into any forum for any of these companies and you'll find people with issues. The thing is, no one logs on just to say "My device is running perfectly." Usually it's only when asked how reliable it is or when someone's having an issue with their device. While you mention the touchscreen issue is widespread, look at the number have the issue and look at the total number of devices out there.

    I'm not trying to minimize your problems, but to say that all of their devices are crappy is generalizing. Samsung, HTC, Moto, LG, Apple, and Microsoft all have a percentage of devices that have issues. There were people who reported widespread issues with the Nexus 4 as well (a search brings up GPS, WiFi, charging, and reception issues) while you had no issues with it. It's simply luck of the draw.
  4. sparksd

    sparksd Well-Known Member

    Want to really see Asus bashing, check out the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T forums out there. My Nexus 7's (2012 & 2013) have been great but my experience with the TF700T, while not as bad as others have had, has been less than optimal. The number of TF700T owners on forums saying they will never buy an Asus product again is significant and Asus support really takes a hammering. At least after loading a custom ROM, my TF700T is usable.

    Given a choice of tablets with comparable features, I would not buy an Asus brand tablet again. On the other hand, the Asus router I just bought is excellent.
  5. unnamedny

    unnamedny Android Expert

    I'm ok with mine, as it was said, every company has some defective batches. There are people bashing every producs on tgh internet. Just google "*product name* issue" and you get thousands of pages of complains. Nobody logs in to brag about how well their device works, only when it doesn't, everyone runs to the foums complaining.

    Price you pay for this device, and I have seen sales to go to $160 for 16gb 2nd gen version, you just can't beat that. If there were more brands to go with at this price point, I would probably ditch the Asus as well.
  6. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    All a google search will do is reinforce the notion that asus has horrible qc. You will see that asus has a disproportionate number of defective devices ratio wise compared to good units. When you go to any asus forum it seems like 3/4 of the posts are complaints about defective units as opposed to happy customers just conversing about their devices, whereas in a samsung forum the posts are 95% just general use discussion. I myself have seen over 20 n7 2013's with an obvious defect. I cant speak about all of their products but as far as tablets go they definitely make more than their fair share of defective devices, google it and you shall see.
  7. LoyalServant

    LoyalServant Android Expert

    My N7 is flawless.
    I have a friend with a first gen and they love theirs.

    I guess we got lucky.
  8. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    Yes you did.
  9. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    There is no perfect device, every device and every manufacturer will have issues. It's the name of the game in this environment. Apple had the infamous antenna issue on the iPhone 4 which coined the now infamous phrase "you're holding it wrong". Samsung has the Sudden Death Syndrome on the Exynos Galaxy S3 and was even worse by being extremely difficult for customers to exchange under warranty. Everyone knows about Microsoft Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death plague that even went class action lawsuit ugly.

    It's also important to note that the defect rate for any company isn't 100%, but it also isn't 0%. By buying an electronic device, you do so knowing that there is a possibility of getting a lemon. Sometime people are lucky enough to own a multitude of devices without ever getting one while others seem to have a preponderance of getting them. That's just simple probability of a binomial distribution.
  10. ultraspontane

    ultraspontane Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Its not about price for me. I bought in because it was part of the Nexus line.

    Nexus devices shouldn't be cut rate, bottom line driven, throw-away electronics like N7. They should be a cut above entry level junk, and have an air of "premium", just like my N4. Isn't the Nexus line supposed to be Google's answer to Apple's premium devices?

    Back in my PC days, the only motherboard that failed on me was an ASUS model.

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  11. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    Defect rate for any company isnt 100% nor is it 0%. That means it is always somewhere in the middle(which is true).Unfortunately Asus surely seems to be just a little closer to that 100% mark than others.
  12. vzwuser76

    vzwuser76 Android Expert

    I was on the Galaxy S3 forum until later this year. I can tell you that 95% was not just people happy with their device. There was pretty much the same ratio of issues with the device to people bringing up tips and tricks and generally happy with their device as in any other forum. The point is, if things were really as bad as you & the OP are saying, Asus would've been out of business by now. Even a 50/50 good to bad ratio isn't sustainable for a company to survive. I've had plenty of issues with LG, Samsung, & HTC devices, does that mean they're crap also? One thing to consider, how many of the buyers of these devices come to these forums? There are plenty of regular people who just want to surf the web, read a book, or email people and that's it. And I would say those are the majority, no matter how much we'd like to think otherwise. If this were really widespread you'd see that news come from more places than tech blogs. For an example, Apple's antennagate. That was widespread and made it to national news outlets. Even places like Forbes and the WSJ report things like this, and I've yet to see anything come from anywhere other than techblogs and forums. I'm not saying it isn't an issue, but that you're making it out to be more than it is.

    That 5 year old laptop I have is running Vista and runs so hot at times that you can't touch it. But it still runs. The longest I had a laptop run for previously was a Toshiba, and that made it just over two years, just outside the warranty. I've also owned Compaq and HP, and they didn't make it that long. The only time my Asus was down was due to a virus wiping my hard drive, a reinstall and it ran like a top again.

    The point is, I've seen people say the same thing about Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Sony, etc. They had nothing but trouble with multiple devices from whatever OEM, and they'll never own one again. So if we go by each of those accounts, there isn't a company you could go with for your devices. Like I said in my first post, it's luck of the draw, and its no different than anything else, computers, cars, appliances, TVs, gaming consoles, take your pick. The ones with a bad enough problem who don't address the issue and/or rectify the situation, aren't around anymore unless they have deep pockets, and Asus isn't one of them. Those are the Apples, Microsofts, Sonys, Samsung's, & LGs. The ones who diversify into many markets or have a stranglehold on a single one. Again, that's not Asus.
  13. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    Complaints about the n7 2013 are comparatively more prevelant than other devices. I guess we will just chalk it up to the popularity of the device?
  14. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    That could be some of it. The Verizon version of Samsung's Galaxy Nexus took a lot of abuse from people complaining about the high rate of defects regarding it's radios giving weak signal and/or 1-way audio. I also mentioned the Sudden Death Syndrome on the Exynos Galaxy S3 that has quite a few threads about it as well. You'll find a lot of complaints about any device if it's popular. The more units that are produced/sold into customers hands, the more defective units there will be. It's just simple math
  15. brosko

    brosko Android Enthusiast

    Makes sense.
  16. Have you thought about sending it to Asus for repair? I just got my 1st gen back from repair and it is working very nice after it chocked on the update and would do nothing. Took about 3 Weeks total time.
  17. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    IMO all Apple devices are "premiun". ...especially when there's no carrier subsidy available and Apple inflates their prices. :p
  18. mmoy

    mmoy Well-Known Member

    I have a 2012 Nexus and love it. I'm amazed at what I can do with it for the price. I also love my iPhone 5 - a higher-quality device and a great phone and fewer issues than the Nexus 7 but I've been able to get the issues resolved. I think that Apple is better at customer service, especially if you have access to their stores.

    I am looking to get a new small tablet to use as a Verizon hotspot and the iPad Mini is the leading contender but only because of the problems between Google and Verizon.
  19. jamesmania88

    jamesmania88 Android Enthusiast

    I've not had one issue with my device. We can chalk up the defects known to popularity, how a user uses the device, hardware choice, software. At the end of the day people are going to be happy and some will be unhappy. While my experience differs from that of the original posters, I respect them and for telling us about their experience with the device.
  20. tukatz

    tukatz Android Enthusiast

    I'm sorry that you have had bad experiences with Asus products. Like many others I have had generally good experiences with them. I've had four Eee PCs and all have been just fine. My wife and I have Nexus 7s and they are great. I hope you find something that works well for you.
  21. strollin

    strollin Well-Known Member

    There's an old saying that goes something like this, "Make a customer happy and they will tell 1 or 2 people but make them mad and they will tell EVERYONE they meet."

    This is how I view the negative postings on forums. If someone has a positive experience, they probably won't say much but if they have a negative experience they will visit many forums and broadcast that experience to the world.

    For what it's worth, I have an ASUS eeePC netbook, a 1st Gen N7 and a 2nd Gen N7 and all have been flawless, no issues whatsoever.

    In my case, I see everyone ranting about how great a car the Toyota Camry is. I bought one and it was, by far, the worst car we I ever owned and I will not consider another Toyota because of that. Is that rational? Probably not but that's how I feel. The Kia Rio I had was far more reliable (and lasted longer as well).
  22. recDNA

    recDNA Android Enthusiast

    What I don't like about Asus is their customer service. Even worse than Verizon.
  23. I just RMAed a 2012 7 and their support was one of the best I have dealt with. Received the tablet back on 3 weeks and was working great.
  24. frantik508

    frantik508 Member

    Just yesterday, I was thinking of how incredible the N7 really is. First gen was flawless in performance, never had a crash, freeze, or reboot. Second gen was/is even better.

    The first 2013 N7 I bought had the phantom touch glitch. After I exchanged it, the new one was fine.

    Ironically, my view is the exact opposite as the OP. I had the Nexus 4 and really didn't like it mainly due to the backlight issue I had. Then I owned an Optimus F3, had the same lighting issue. Then recently I bought a G Pad GP Edition, and once again: backlight issue. That caused me to decide to not buy anymore LG phones/tablets
  25. JnEricsonx

    JnEricsonx Android Enthusiast

    I got a HTC Thunderbolt that I bought back in May 2011, so, what, 3 odd months after it came out? I heard many people had issues, but I can count on one hand, in 2.5 years, the number of times I had anything approaching a problem, twice was probably a video player app having a hissy fit, and the other times were some reboots out of nowhere, but that went away after a month or so. On the other hand, my tv's bulb has broken every year since 2010, including just last week, and my first Xbox 360 RROD literally one year to the day. So, its a crapshoot.

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