Im a newbie to this forum and to rooting my evo

Hello folks,
Im a newbie to this forum and rooting my htc evo. Ive been watching some videos on youtube about putting mikfroyo 4.4 on the evo, but i cant firgure it out. I have 2.2 software on my phone and it is fully rooted. I used the unrevoked 3. I have the wifi tether, but i cant seem to get the mikfroyo onto my phone. I follow step by step of what they show, but i can never find the mikfroyo on my sd card nor do i know how to put it on there. i did download the software to my computer, i extracted it, i put my phone to disk drive and opened it and dragged all of the software into the sd card. but i still cant find it, when i go to zip from sd card its not there, what am I doing wrong? could someone help with this please, great thanks in advanced.