I'm an iPhone user and switching BUT....

This line from the Engadget review worried me a lil and was hoping to get some feedback from you experts.....

'But the fact remains that it's still very much an Android device -- which means that if you don't like Android now, odds are good that even Android executed on the most amazing hardware to date won't do much to change your opinion of it.'

From what I've seen with Android--I like but what is about Android that people don't like that would warrant that conclusion from the reviewer?

I really do love my iPhone! The OS is great and there is a lot about my phone that I'm hoping will similar in the EVO but I'm starting to get a lil worried that it won't be as great use for so many different things as the iPhone OS is.

Nevertheless, I have my pre-order with Radio Shack in and still very much looking forward to what I hope is the best phone on the market.


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I dont know much about Android either, but my hands on experience with it hasnt been bad at all.

Im coming from a PRE, and WebOs is outstanding as an OS....but the EVO is just too damn sexy not to switch.


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Android's different than iPhone OS. No different than some people preferring Macs over PCs. But you can get used to both of them.

Apps and music are different, and Apple's interfaces are easier. The difference is what you can do to and with the phone.

If you don't want to have to customize your phone, stick with Apple. If you want to truly make it yours, Android.

I never jumped onboard with iPhone even though I have an iPod because the OS really is limiting. I also hate that I can't expand the memory myself or swap things in and out easily.

I don't worry about the gap in apps. Android apps are going to catch and surpass iPhone apps much sooner than every thought.


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I agree with Rigmaster. I jumped over to Android from Windows Mobile. I had a brief stint with the iPhone bt it wasn't for me. I like to "tinker" with my phone and cusomtize the crap out of it. Windows Mobile was good for that and so is Android. Plus you will be walking into a world of Multitasking that will make you ask yourself how you lived without it. One thing I hated about the iPhone were push noticfications. The Android notification system is brilliant and unintrusive. You will be losing the ability to use voice and data at the same time when you aren't on 4G. You can use WiFi and voice at the same time I think though. Besides with Sprint's 30 day policy you have nothing to lose. you don't like it just give the phone back and they tear up the contract.


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Try it for 30 days and if you don't like it, you get your $$ back. Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Just keep your iPhone activated just in case you decide to switch back.


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Some good advise is being given here.

I was an iphone user for a few years. It is a nice UI. Except it grew to be very boring and limited. That is the major difference between the 2. If you like the iphone OS then you should love the Android OS. Now android is a bit more complicated than just simple "Android". The Sense UI HTC puts into android makes it a more polished package than stock android. I have the Hero now and will say that sense ui is something i wouldnt want to be without. The biggest downside to Android phones so far has been lag. I know sense ui is partially to blame. However, the specs of a phone like the Hero is more to blame. The snapdragon processor on the EVO should change all of that. For me this is the major reason for considering this phone. I feel like i get all the good things about the previous android phones without any of the bad.

As far as apps go... It's a mixed bag. I personally think the graphics on the iPhone apps are better in many cases. Just as a whole. Not saying app for app. But i have read that gameloft was working on improving this by releasing android games. I think the interface is starting to show companies that money can be made in the android market. Before i think many companies were not willing to try it. It will help more when the lower end of the Android market 1.5 phones are no longer a factor. Most of the 2.1 phones will have faster processors and be able to run better graphical apps. The positive with the android market is apps are allowed to do more than they can in the iphone market. Things like music junk ect. Android doesnt lock developers out as much as apple does.

So if you are the type of person that gets bored by the iphone experience you should try android out. They are more similar than you may think. Especially with the EVO snapdragon and ram taking the lag away from the phone.


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I'm making the switch as well, and I'm not worried a bit. The Android OS is much more customizable than the iPhone. I love that I can change my home screens between a work setup and home setup (change where your icons and widgets are placed, and which ones are on which page) and probably even automate this task depending on time of day or GPS location. The Sense UI makes for a MUCH more enjoyable experience.

The only things you'll be missing are aftermarket integration with other devices (stock stereos that have iPod integration, iPod docks that are alarm clocks, etc), and a better selection of games (this is changing rapidly).


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That line just sounds like "If you don't like XXX os, don't get XXX phone." There really isn't anything NOT to like about Android, though (unless you're Steve Jobs!).


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I was a long time iPhone user, first with a 3G, then the 3Gs. I switched to Android on an Eris back in December.

The thing that I love about Android, is the ability to totally customize the phone. Once I got used to the operating system, I loved Android.

I had to use my brother's iPhone the other day, and I was totally lost. Without the "Home", "Menu", "Back" keys that Android has, it was a chore doing anything on the iPhone.

I could never go back to Apple's OS


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I am not going to say that you have to be dumb, to own & operate an Iphone.

The attractive thing about an Iphone is you can be dumb. I have friends who have iphones & openly admit they are dumb ( at the very least when it comes to "those fancy phones...")

Android typically caters toward folks that like to operate on a higher level. Now that being said, I think anyone who is able to hold down a job long enough to earn the money to buy an Android phone is certainly capable of working it to the extent they want to.

Android will surpass iphone by a great deal, and will continue to thrive, with the release of Froyo, it will now set it's sights on Blackberry , to take over the business phone market as well.


The ipad(and I guess the iphone mostly) and android are pretty damn similar in the way they operate.
Both only let you run one app in view at a time, you hit a single 'home' button and load another app, hit the 'home' button and load the first app again and it saved the state it was in from last time.
A person coming from an Ilemming will have a lot easier time then someone coming from WebOS.


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I was a long time iPhone user, first with a 3G, then the 3Gs. I switched to Android on an Eris back in December.

The thing that I love about Android, is the ability to totally customize the phone. Once I got used to the operating system, I loved Android.

I had to use my brother's iPhone the other day, and I was totally lost. Without the "Home", "Menu", "Back" keys that Android has, it was a chore doing anything on the iPhone.

I could never go back to Apple's OS

Damn...it's like that? I hope I love it as much as you do! I'm gonna download that iPod mimic app that turns the music interface into the one on the iPhone.


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Android doesn't "just work" like the iphone OS does.

Everything the iphone can do, a grandma can get up and running with ease.

Android can do much more, but you have to put in a little extra effort to get it setup. But - once it is setup, it is setup the way YOU want it.


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Ok so theres a lot of talk about customization in here. Can I change that damn ugly blueish bar at the bottom with the phone text on it to the same blackness as the bar at the top of the screen? (like the incredible)


well, i guess i'd fall into this category as well, but i have no qualms whatsoever about leaving this shitty phone behind. i despise apple for the way they try to portray themselves, but i'm stuck with this phone because i don't wanna spring for anything besides the evo. (ps. i got the iphone as a present, so depressing :( )


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Don't be distracted by that comment. The writer is a Apple fanboy, he's got to take his shots somewhere. As a 2nd generation iPhone user I'll say this, once you get past the Android OS learning curve you'll wonder how you put up with the iPhone for so long.


My current phone is a first-gen iPhone which I've used jailbroken and modded-to-hell since iPhone OS 1.2, and a switch to Android with the EVO is going to be a blast for me. Looking forward to it. :D