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I'm back! With XPOSED!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Casual_H4ck3r, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Casual_H4ck3r

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    Hey everyone!

    So, LineageOS was a bust. Custom recovery as well. The phone doesn't allow fastboot unlocking, or fastboot at all. Zeroing out the laf partition doesn't work either.

    However, we have got the essentials. Root, and now XPOSED!

    Pretty sure you want to learn? Here!

    1) Download both of the files attached to this thread.
    2) Move them to your phones INTERNAL STORAGE!!!
    3) rename xposed.sh.zip to xposed.sh
    3b) install the APK! BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE!!
    4) adb shell
    5) su
    6) sh /storage/emulated/legacy/xposed.sh
    7) reboot, if not already done.

    Sometimes it won't show the bootlogo when starting. It will boot. Just wait.
    You will get an optimizing screen saying you have about 100 more apps than you used to. Normal.
    Works perfectly.
    Uninstall guide coming soon.


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  2. Casual_H4ck3r

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    Xposed Uninstall Guide

    Not quite feeling Xposed? Did something go wrong, and you need to restart? As long as you can still go into download mode, you can uninstall this!

    First, if you just installed a wrong module but want to keep Xposed, just disable Xposed. To Disable:
    1) Boot phone into download mode: (Power off, unplug if plugged in, hold volume up, plug into pc)
    2) Download the phones COM tools: (https://www.androidfilehost.com/?fid=24052804347799389)
    2b) extract that ZIP
    2c) Find your phone COM number. Open a CMD window, navigate to that directory of the extracted ZIP, and run ports.bat, you will see two ports, the one that has DIAG (also longest one) is your port. This is your COM Number.
    3) In the extracted ZIP directory:
    Send_Command.exe //./COM#
    touch /data/data/de. robv.android.xposed.installer/conf/disabled

    To uninstall: Download the Xposed uninstaller, attached in this thread. The com tools, find the link in the to disable guide above this one. And download mode.

    1) Boot your phone into download mode (Power off, unplug in plugged in, hold volume up, plug into PC)
    2) extract the Xposed uninstaller and drag the "flash-script.sh" from the folder 'META-INF, google, etc...'
    3) In the COM directory find your com number, tutorial in the how to disable guide above this.
    4) Push_File.exe //./COM# /path/to/flash-script.sh /tmp/flash-script.sh
    5) Send_Command.exe //./COM#
    sh /tmp/flash-script.sh

    All should go good, normal output.
    That's how you disable or uninstall Xposed.

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