Sep 13, 2010
Milpitas CA
ive been gone for over a year, but im back... just picked up a new tab as well...
Welcome back ahomelessguy. Congrats on the new tablet! I hope you enjoy and it serves you well. I suspect you are off to the discussion area for that new bad boy. :) Have fun.
haha no worries, i left a while back as i got tired of the crap towards my user name, even though its a gamer tag given to me as i like to camp in random spots, but anyhow, yah i got a Note 8.0 to help with finishing my 2nd Degree in college....
Welcome back :hello: !

As far as your username, that is what drew me to this thread. I like being homeless every chance I get. It is my preferred method of vacationing. I consider myself a Professional Camper. Where I Lay My Head is Home by Metallica is my theme song. RV's and established campgrounds are for pussies. My Jeep is my RV, it holds everything I need, and the open sky is my roof when I'm on the road.