Im goign crazy , Activate over Wifi


So My phone was activated until today. My brigfht idea while I was home from work was to try switching to Chyanne (spelling)
Well I havent had my data plan for a month because of money reasons.
So Im stuck at putting in
<enter>setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1<enter>
i Know im typing this crap corectly .

This is he guide I used:
My C drive isnt a C drive its D so im wondering if thats the problem.
Also Im on vista maybe this is for Xp but Ive got the phone to sync up and take screen shots.
Im lost Please help me so I can make calls again.

Thanks a LOT Living_Sword! Finally activated and also got pass that pesky google sign up (no internet over here.. at least for me)

Just in case anybody else's reading this.. To save you guys from hours of frustration like I did.. Follow EXACTLY these steps... It'll WORK!
(Only for RC29/RC7 or lower though.. And you'll need Wifi access)

1. First.. Check whether you actually have RC29/RC7 or lower or not.. To do that type this on the G1 Keyboard..


If the phone reboot that congratz! You have the old version! What happened is that when you type in RC29/RC7 and lower models you're also typing into the hidden shell (something like command prompt, correct me if I'm wrong) "behing the scenes". So when you type "reboot" and press <enter>, the shell will run your command.

If you got the later models.. Then you might want to follow this method instead.. But if you really don't have internet access without Wifi.. you'll need to downgrade first

2. Now you need to set up Android Debug Bridge (ADB) which'll allow you to control your g1 phone console (something like command prompt - msdos) and have root access to it as well

3. Assuming you're using windows.. Download this Windows USB driver. Extract. Mac users don't need to do anything.. For Linux users you might want to go to the wiki..

4. Then.. Download this small zip (for windows). If you're on other platforms then download the Android SDK. Unzip the files to a folder and add its location to the PATH environment variable.

eg: So if you extracted the files on step 4 to "C:/mysuperfolder/android" then you should add "C:/mysuperfolder/android" to the PATH environment variable

5. Follow these steps on how to do that:

5. Done? Now get the usb wire and connect your G1 to your PC

Okay so this is the part that gave me a lot of headache and confusion so read this carefully. Quote:
Originally Posted by Living_Sword

If you get a 'new device found' prompt, point it to the android_usb_windows folder, the same one you used during ADB setup.

a. If you don't get a driver prompt, goto Device Manager(Click Start, click Run, and then type "devmgmt.msc"), check if there is an entry ADB Interface in the list and has HTC Dream Composite... inside that entry. If you don't see that entry, Windows has automagically detected the phone as USB Mass Storage Device.

b. Scroll down to Universal Serial Bus controllers, check if you have at least one "USB Mass Storage device". If you have multiple ones, you'll need to go through each to find the correct one.

c. To find the correct one, right click on the USB Mass Storage device and click Properties. Go to the Details tab. In the combo box at the top that says "Device Instance Id", bring up the pull down and choose "Compatible Ids". If that is the correct device, then you will see 3 entries:
* USB\Class_ff&SubClass_42&Prot_03
* USB\Class_ff&SubClass_42
* USB\Class_ff

d. Once you find the correct device, go to the driver tab, and click "Update Driver". Choose "No, not this time", then "Install from a list or specific location", then "Don't search, I will choose the driver to install", and then choose the same usb driver that you used to get ADB to work.

6. Now type this on your G1 keyboard..

<enter>setprop persist.service.adb.enable 1<enter>

7. Now.. Open the command prompt on your PC ( Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt )

8. Type "adb shell" without the quotes.
(Just in case typing that doesn't do anything.. Navigate to the folder you've unzipped the ADB Files and type there instead)

9. Then when the '$' comes out .. type this:

am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n

9. Take a look at your G1 and now it'll be in the WiFi settings section. Configure it.. Connect to your network.. And done!

Hope this helps.. and Good luck


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Im still trying it keeps telling me in Cmos that Ada Shell is not a recognized internal or external command or batch file?
Whats that mean what is wrong.


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Well I got to the next point here is what I did and this is the explanation I read thank you who ever you are.

Whatever folder you put adb in is not in your system's PATH. In order to run a program not in your current working directory without specifying its absolute location, that location has to be one of the ones specified in the PATH. Let's say for example you put adb.exe and adbwinapi.dll in c:\ When you type cmd in XP, by default it will open a prompt at c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\. If you now type adb, the os will look for a file called adb.exe or adb.bat or in the Documents and Settings folder. Since you placed the file in a different folder, it will give you an error. You have two options:

A. Type c:\adb.exe every time you want to run adb
B. Add c:\ (or whatever directory adb is in) to the PATH. Here is a quick tut on how to do that.
C. Move adb.exe and adbwinapi.dll to c:\Documents and Settings\%username%\

To a programmer or experienced computer user, A would be a stupid method, B would be the proper method, and C would be a hacky or dirty method.