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Support I'm having weird problems..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Exbruce, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    So for a while now my f3 has been acting really stupid and I need to get some help. About 2 weeks ago I was looking for a different lockscreen so I download the miui lockscreen, cover, and something else from the play store but in the end I didn't keep any of them and deleted all of those apps. Now for some reason on my stock lockscreen with a pattern lock, it makes a loud clicking sound and then there's an animation and then it goes to normal. I've been to settings and turned off the sounds for it but it still does it. Then earlier today my auto rotation has stopped working. I've turned the phone on and off multiple times and I've toggled the auto rotation on and off multiple times and it's not working. Help me out everyone


  2. highestgrade

    highestgrade Newbie

    I've noticed that if you download applications that change the look and feel of your device, they sometimes leave files and settings behind when you uninstall them. I use clean master from the Play Store to clean my phone and get rid of all the empty files and folders and or settings that could have been left behind. Combining this with a phone restart usually cures all my problems.

    as for the auto rotation, I'm stumped.
  3. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    Tried the cleanmaster thing and it still does it smh
    And for the auto rotation I have no clue what to do at all
  4. JVene

    JVene Member

    All of these systems have complex interactions, and digging in to find the cause of such behaviors may end up being unworthy of your time.

    If you're just curious, or plan to document your discovery, perhaps to make some app that corrects these problems, then you can consider this research.

    Otherwise, you reach a point where you really have to wipe the phone with a factory reset, occasionally with a flash of the stock ROM, get it "upright" - then re-implement the customizations you know work.

    The point highestgrade made is not only valid, it illustrates and underlying problem on the Android marketplace / platform. It's only $25 to get an account. People by the thousands are simply cobbling together "stuff" and posting it as an "app".

    There's 98,000 pieces of junk for every 10 competent applications.

    Some of that junk can actually be damaging.

    The point is this: if you're going to install, without realizing it, something that may likely cause problems like this - you're going to have to be prepared with a "crash recovery plan".
  5. duper1

    duper1 Well-Known Member

    - Yesterday I had 4 FCs and then a Bootloop, and over the last month I haven't gotten any of my facebook notifications/messages without a delay. 5 minutes - 8 hours or not at all. And my google sync is broken.

  6. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    I understand but I'm probably just gonna install the stock rooted rom
  7. JVene

    JVene Member

    That's a crash recovery plan!
  8. duper1

    duper1 Well-Known Member

    - I fixed the Google sync issue by removing my Google account and re-adding it. I just wish Facebook would correct the delay, or maybe the phone is going into a deep sleep mode and it's not waking when a new message is received.
  9. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I figured out its my accelerometer not working right and that's why it's not rotating. Anyone know how to fix?
  10. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    Couldnt fix the accelerometer so virgin mobile sent a replacement phone. Got it in 1 day and its fully functional so I'm satisfied
  11. gitos

    gitos Lurker

    I've got the same problem Please how can I fix the accelerometer ?
  12. Exbruce

    Exbruce Member
    Thread Starter

    I had to get a new replacement phone
  13. millar43068

    millar43068 Member

    mine stopped working as well no sensor readings either
    imma see if virgin will give me one as well, might be a known issue

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