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I'm looking for an inventory App... Sorta

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by jennerjenn, May 31, 2012.

  1. jennerjenn

    jennerjenn Lurker
    Thread Starter

    OK... so, This is what I need it to do... Hopefully someone will know of an App that does this:

    I run the snack bar at our church's youth camp. We have around 100 campers and all of them Prepay for their canteen cards. Last year we did punch cards, but trying find the 3X5 cards in a card box... get them all their snacks and punch the cards for 100 indecisive kids in 30 minutes is CRAZY!

    So basically, I need an App that will keep inventory of the stocked items via QR or Bar codes using Excel... Aaaaaand... Keep track of accounts for each kid. I'm thinking of assigning each kid a QR code attached to an excel spreadsheet... when it's scanned it would bring up their account... Then use a QR code for each individual snack item... like at a grocery store... but when it's scanned I'd like it to add the amount to that kid's spread sheet and subtract the cost of each item from the kid's account.

    Does that make any sense? Is it even possible? Please let me know. Or if you have any ideas for Apps that might work for this situation... THANKS!!!



  2. jennerjenn

    jennerjenn Lurker
    Thread Starter

    BTW... doesn't matter if it's free or pay... I just need something soon. =)
  3. chismay

    chismay Android Enthusiast

    Hi Jennerjenn
    I am a chef, so am taking stock levels every 3 days to make sure my staff are not eating without asking :D.

    need something like an app we can scan barcodes.. save the item-barcode.. and then keep a stock level just by scanning packs.

    exactly what im after,.
  4. drkwndz

    drkwndz Lurker

    If you type "inventory" into the play store search there's lots of options. If I'm remembering right at least two of them do what you're looking for. Thought I'd mention it since it took me forever to figure out the right search term. Sorry I can't make a recommendation but I was looking for different functionality.

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