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i'm new. please help me.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gangas, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. gangas

    gangas Lurker
    Thread Starter


    i bought galaxy s i 9000 in italy. it is still with the original version of android (2.1)
    i want to upgrade it to the newest official version. i was told it is 2.3.6

    the thing is im not in italy anymore.

    is there an international firmware?

    can anyone please help me with links to download all files and odin and what ever.

    thanks :)

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  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    Welcome to AF Gangas! :)

    You can download official firmwares from here: SamMobile Firmware Page

    No idea other than that's where to get them though, my knowledge of Samsung is limited. However if you head to our SGS section, they should be able to assist: Samsung Galaxy S - Android Forums
  3. DonB

    DonB ♡ Truth, Justice and the American Way !! ♡ ™

    EP has you going in the right direction, if you need anything else let us know, welcome.
  4. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    We are glad to you choose to join us here @ Android Forums. Thanks for stopping in and introduce yourself.

    See ya around! :)
  5. AntimonyER


    Since my friends have got you on the right track, I am just coming to say hi. Hi! ;) Welcome to AF!

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