Root I'm new to Android, and I need some advice for rooting.

I have a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4, model SM-910T3, Android 5.1.1.

All I want to do as of now is install AdAway, because YouTube.
(And yes, I already tried AdBlock Plus. Didn't work.)

I've been looking around the Internet and getting mixed signals, like I've heard rooting can destroy your phone, and I should make a backup, yet the backup software requires you to root the device.

I've attempted jailbreaking my iPod twice, bricking it both times, so I'm really wary about doing this sort of thing to my 2-month-old $600 Note 4, as it seems Android is a bit harder to repair than iOS if something goes wrong.

So I finally decided to come to the official forums here for some advice and hopefully the steps I need to take to avoid ending up with a $600 paperweight on my hands.

And I have a few questions, too.
-Will I lose all my phone's data in the rooting process?
-Will this void my warranty?
-Can it be undone (And will undoing it restore my warranty)?
-Will my data service and other such things still operate correctly?

Thank you.


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Imo, rooting is far safer than jail breaking.

As far as the rooting process, if it's done right all of your data will be right as you left it.

And your warranty is like your virginity; once it's gone it's gone for good.

Lastly, if everything in the rooting process goes according to plan, your device will run normally maybe even a tiny bit better.


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Although rooting is useful, and allows you to do certain things, its in no way obligatory to do it on your android device, and in some cases there are good reasons not to do it.

As android devices aren't as tightly controlled as iphones, you can manage fine without root, so unless you have a good reason to root, you may be better off staying put