I'm no longer a Phone Guide

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It appears that I'm not a Phone Guide any more. Don't know exactly when that happened, but it must have been during the last day or so.

I realise that the terms are 'be active, or get demoted', but I'd have expected some notification, at least after the fact. Ah well. I shall strive to remain a friendly and helpful forum member!


You can shoot me a PM, sure! :)

Sorry about that... as it states in the guide read me.. for that particular role when brought back to the registered users usergroup due to inactivity - it is in fact done without notification. We used to give notifications but then found it better to not worry about it.

(There are reasons...)

..Then if there is need for discussion in PM or if the member feels they shouldn't have been demoted - that inevitably happens anyway, so it works out.

Don't taze me bro, we're not upset or anything.. just how things things go for probably 75% of our guides. (honestly). We certainly appreciate your time and contributions to the site and I most certainly hope you don't get upset with us.

Hit me up if you like!
Not open for further replies.