I'm not as smart as i'd like to believe!

Hey! My name is Christopher Wilson and i live in the middle of nowhere in Kansas! I am a brand new Android user and I recently have bought the Samsung Infuse 4G, which so far has blown my mind in just about every way possible and I would recomend this phone to everybody. I am not very computer smart or a very technical person i dont know anything about programming, well, i basically know nothing that i need to know. I'd like to learn but no one will teach me:( I hate how ignorant i am to most of the technology and the codes and commands and basic knowledge that most "geeks" , for lack of a better term, know from birth.

scary alien

not really so scary
Welcome to the AndroidForums, Christopher :)!

Don't worry about not knowing much...we all started-out not knowing anything at all, right? :)

Anyway, you picked an awesome phone in the Infuse and if you need any phone-specific help, just post something in your phone's home forum:

Samsung Infuse 4G - Android Forums

Also, you can use the Forum search feature to help you find what you need. If that doesn't quite return what you are looking for, try doing a Google search in this format (without the quote marks, of course):

"site:androidforums.com/samsung-infuse-4g <search-term>"

For example:

site:androidforums.com/samsung-infuse-4g live wallpapers

Anyway, glad you signed-up and again, welcome to AF! :)