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I'm really not crazy about the "touch" buttons

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MisterEd, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. MisterEd

    MisterEd Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Way too sensitive, constantly triggering them. I'd like to see an app that puts in like a 2ms (or adjustable) delay before they respond. With "hard" buttons you actually have to press them (like my MyTouch 3G), with these if you so much as fart 6" from them they trigger.

    So far that's my only complaint.

  2. asaberan

    asaberan Well-Known Member

    You know, I actually liked and prederred the touch buttons, but now that I have them on my Ego, I think I agree with you. I'm constantly hitting them by mistake. But then again, it would be too hard to hit them while using the phone one handed, you'd lose grip of the phone.
  3. Mabster

    Mabster Android Enthusiast

    I actually agree here too. I find that the meaty part of my thumb hits the back or search buttons when i'm navigating around on the screen. Chalk it up to learning curve, i'm sure i'll grow out of it.
  4. SteveChiller

    SteveChiller Member

    yeah, I keep hitting the search button myself..
  5. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    Mine dim. I have to restart the phone to get them to relight. Anybody else? Is there a setting I'm missing?
  6. DarkNeo

    DarkNeo Android Enthusiast

    I love them
  7. Tamara24

    Tamara24 Newbie

    i have been hitting that darn search button all day! its annyoing...but i still LOVE this phone.
  8. zpilot

    zpilot Well-Known Member

    its quite annoying yes :(
  9. misticjeff

    misticjeff Member

    Remember guys/gals... everything takes getting used to. Within a few days you'll not notice any longer. Just think if we started using cell phones back in 1985 and they had these type of touch sensitive buttons and then this year they released a phone with tactile buttons, everyone would be voicing their discontent with how hard it is to press one, why can't they be touch sensitive, any way to adjust them.. etc..

    It's all what you become used to.
  10. RoboMonkey

    RoboMonkey Android Expert

    Yea, but then my new case seems to have solved that problem. :)
  11. Aridon

    Aridon Well-Known Member

    I don't really mind the touch buttons but I miss my track ball or pad a bit. In swype you don't have the directional keys
  12. vikingjunior

    vikingjunior Well-Known Member

    I think any case eliminate the accidental touches as I had no problems with the buttons but if this phone was any bigger I wouldn't be able to reach the HOME button. I do agree some type of trackpad may of been useful for those small links.
  13. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    I lol'd.
  14. acuracing

    acuracing Member

    They activate via the light sensor so if there is enough ambient light there is no need for them to stay lit.
  15. Bruiserbob

    Bruiserbob Newbie

    I agree, they are my only complaint...a very small delay before registering would be a good idea.
  16. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    that's what i thought, but i was in a pitch black car and couldn't see them at all. i checked my settings and it's at "automatic." after an unlock, they're on for a bit, then go off. this phone sucks! j/k
  17. zpilot

    zpilot Well-Known Member

    Go return it and get an iPhone :p
  18. cooper1010

    cooper1010 Android Enthusiast

    iphone doesn't have light up buttons?!

    just checked; my wife's does the same thing. you guys' buttons stay lit up while the phone is on? is it just me (and my wife)?
  19. SniperDroid

    SniperDroid Well-Known Member

    If I cover the light sensor, they seem to come on and stay. If I uncover it, they go off. IDK if this is normal, but that is how mine work.
  20. freeza

    freeza Android Enthusiast

    Interesting, I haven't hit the search button at all lol
  21. bernechad

    bernechad Member

    I love the touch keys, but yes, there's been a few times I've typed out an email and/or text and I've reached for a trackball to correct a spelling mistake. The arrows on the keyboard help, but still take some getting used to.

    Not complaining at all, love this phone and all I can do with it. Just a slight adjustment to my (used to be) normal usage.
  22. Sketchr

    Sketchr Android Enthusiast

    No doubt more sensitive than with the Iphone. Probably just a learning curve. I disabled the touch vibration feature as that was driving me nuts.
  23. Jahmakan

    Jahmakan Well-Known Member

    Same thing happens with my Incredible; I keep hitting the touch keys by mistake.
  24. Karsten

    Karsten Newbie

    What case?
  25. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    This is what I LOVE about this phone. I wanted buttons to be sensitive.

    It's one of the best features.

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