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I'm really sorry, but GV is horrible

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by s1njin, May 20, 2010.

  1. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    I've had it w/ Google Voice and its phantom forwarding of calls. I've had it with how I have NO google voicemail enabled anywhere yet I still find myself going into it. I've had it with phones NOT enabled in my account ringing anyway until I actually remove them from the account.

    Finally I've had it with my calling the house (which WAS listed as a phone under my account, but currently disabled) and having the house phone ring twice than either hang up or - yep - go to Google Voice mail.

    The product IS fantastic for texting.

    But I hate the phone end of it so much I actually have to change the number on my cell phone. And pray that nobody is actually CALLING that number.

    I see on the Google forums that there is a select few that are having a real hard time with it - issues similar to mine. I know GV has a strong following on this forum, but my experience is its pure garbage. I wish I could cancel my account, but there is not even a way to do that.

    Just venting. If I had a sledge hammer I'd go outside and bang some metal or something.

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  2. Adamx

    Adamx Android Enthusiast

    I just use it for texting, but for whatever reason it sometimes doesn't refresh or push or whatever it's supposed to do, and I get texts two days later.
  3. safeplayer22

    safeplayer22 Well-Known Member

    They just did an update on the app which might fix some of the problems you are experiencing:

    Release Notes
    version 0.3.4

    • Improved reliability of Inbox Synchronization
    • SMS forwarding can now be turned on or off from the app
    • Several bug fixes
    • Support for Android v2.2
    I like the last one the most cause this means 2.2 is coming out real soon!
  4. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    D/L ing now. Lets see how it behaves - thanks for the tip.
  5. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    I've been using for a few weeks so relatively new user.

    No issues - seems to work as it is supposed to.

    Transcription can be pretty hokey especially for people who are speaking their own special english.

    But no real complaints.

    Now I set it up once and didn't make a lot of changes . . . maybe that makes a difference.
  6. takeshi

    takeshi Android Expert

    Why apologize? If it doesn't work for you then don't use it. Personally, I've not experienced any such problems.
  7. DrScrubs

    DrScrubs Well-Known Member

    s1njin: Can you clarify your problem with the phone aspect of GV? I did not quite understand what was going wrong. Perhaps I can help.
  8. Zanthexter

    Zanthexter Newbie

    Been using GV since the early days of GrandCentral (before Google bought it). I've never had significant problems with it. Sometimes call quality or latency is poor, but nothing even close to the issues the original poster has.

    The big downside though, is that when you DO have problems, who ya gonna call? Typical Google support, meaning just about non-existent.
  9. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    I got the feeling that there was something corrupt on my account, but as you mention I could not get any help w/ getting everything reset back to vanilla (as my doing son via settings was not working). I put in a official ticket, hit the google problem solving forums, etc. I was in no-mans land.
  10. Dmtalon

    Dmtalon Well-Known Member

    From some of your descriptions about calls going to phones you have "disabled" or unchecked.

    The checkmark on the phone settings menu is for "default" calls... Groups and/or contact settings override that setting.

    For instance, I have my Home, Work and Cell phone attached to my GV. I have only my CELL as the "default" (i.e. checked) for incoming calls. That means if no other rules apply, ring my cell.

    My contact groups control what phone rings for people I already know.

    Any time I've had a weird situation where a phone was ringing that I thought shouldn't turned out to be user-error.

    With lots of configuration comes easy to miss items. Once setup its awesome and I love the control it gives me.

    It's nice to send certain people straight to voicemail and/or have a special voicemail for people you don't want calling you... "You've reached this message because I have no desire to have a conversation with you, you can leave a message if you want, but be aware that it won't be listened too" for the group "blacklist"

    I also dropped my txt plan a few months ago and haven't looked back. Love the free SMS. MMS would be nice since none of the multi service IM clients seem to send pictures like beejive did on my iphone :-(
  11. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    At one point I had only my Droid registered to my account. No other phones existed to activate/deactivate. Yet they still rang. It was so weird. I really wanted to like the service b/c I hate paying a extra 20/mo. to text.
  12. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Android Expert

    GV can be finicky at times, but has huge upside, so I hope you figure it out. Did the new update help?
  13. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    I never had a problem w/ the app on the phone - I was hoping by installing the app it might push something up stream to make everything play nice again. Ah well, there are worse things that could happen.
  14. Highland Ranger

    Highland Ranger Well-Known Member

    Just had a phantom call today where GV called my house even though it was unchecked in settings.

    Hope this isn't a trend as I have gone whole hog with giving out the new number.
  15. s1njin

    s1njin Member
    Thread Starter

    This is exactly what was happening to me. My only saving grace was I was just tying this into new cell service so people were not really calling me yet.
  16. jcsaxx

    jcsaxx Newbie

    Just for the heck of it I called my home phone using GV (on ERIS) and my GV # did NOT show up on my home caller id, but my actual cell phone number.

    I was using the newest updated GV, but went back to the 0.2 version. Same results.

    How can I fix it?
  17. stroths

    stroths Well-Known Member

    Same here. Been using it to route calls to my home phone, SIP and sometimes my cell without any real issues. Transcription isn't that great, but I can make out what it means 9 times out of 10 without needing to actually listen to the message which is a big plus in my book.
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