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I'm thinking of betraying my Eris brothers. . .

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ErisJnkie, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. droideris

    droideris Well-Known Member

    I meant the YouTube mobile site, but it autolinked it. Pinch zoom, trackball, HTC widgets and apps, Sense UI. Eris has some advantages. Plus Eris is getting Android 2.1 flan in Q1 2010

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  2. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Android Expert

    Pinch Zoom - Available on Droid via 3rd party apps (Dolphin Browser, alternate "Gallery" apps, etc.)

    Track Ball - Tried to use it, but it was not great. I didn't use it once except for testing purposes when I first got the phone.

    HTC SenseUI/Widgets/Apps - This is where the Eris shines, but it wasn't enough to keep me from exchanging for Droid...

    OP. It's really up to you and which device you prefer. There are upsides to both phones.

    Eris = Smaller footprint, SenseUI (VERY NICE)..I think the smaller footprint plus more of an "iphone" feel attracts many users...

    Droid = Bigger Screen, Better Rez, Hard Keyboard (I don't use this much), Flash for the camera, faster processor (very noticeable to me), 2.0 (for now, that is still a factor, but won't be once Eris gets 2.1)
  3. droidx

    droidx Member

    I.m on eris. right now and the keyboard is a bitlaggy I ws thinking about upgrading tobthe droid the only thhing I would miiss is rhe senseu andthe 7 screns to play with ill write a better report on my pc tm .
  4. droidx

    droidx Member

    yea i feel the same way about the eris, i do like it a lot, the senseUI is awesome, but it just isnt fast enough for me, and the bigger screen on the droid, and the stock 16gb storage is a big plus for me since i replaced my 16gb iphone, the keyboard will take some getting used to but, like you said, every phone has its ups and downs, and its all personal choice, i did get the eris cause my tmobile bill was due and i wanted to start my month off with a lower bill, im on a plan with my friends, and when i get the 100 dollars, ill exchange the phone for the droid.
  5. jimmm18

    jimmm18 Newbie

    I too traded my Eris in for the Droid but it wasn't for any of the reasons others have. I really liked the Eris, slow speed and all, cause I liked the size and weight (and price).

    But I needed it as a phone and it didn't play nice with the blue tooth in my 09 Mini. It would pair great, phone book would sync, sound was good and it dialed fine BUT it would unpair in the middle of calls and even just sitting there idle. Talking on the phone in the car is job one of this phone so I went with the Droid and it works perfectly.

    After having the droid and I would say it is a better phone than the eris. Sound quaility seems better and I like the phone setup better than the eris. I never really liked the Eris search function and I like the layout on the Droid when on the phone. Turning on bluetooth, speakerphone and mute seems easier.

    Now of course I am appreciating the faster speed--sorry folks this is much faster than the Eris at EVERYTHING. I don't think I could go back to the eris even if they fixed the blue tooth issue.

    Using Home++ has eased the withdrawal from sense UI so I am happy 'cept... What if they made a phone like the droid but lighter, rounder and without a manual keyboard. One of the things i got use to fast was the virtual keyboard on the Dris and I never use the physical one on the Droid. And let's face it the Droid is a brick!
  6. DroidJnkie

    DroidJnkie Android Enthusiast

    I'm the originial poster of this thread, and I've had the Droid instead of the Eris for a while now.


    Now, keep in mind that I'm running a rooted 2.1 OS.

    I didn't like being limited to 3 screens after having 7 on the Eris, but 2.1 has 5. Gallery is BEAUTIFUL.

    Droid is SO MUCH faster, has no problems with youtube, and the screen is incredible. Also, there are widgets (weather, etc.) you can download to have it be like Sense UI, to a degree.

    Anyway, once Sense UI gets flashed, you can put it on your rooted Droid. Only a matter of time.
  7. dman2275

    dman2275 Newbie

    I had an Eris also and returned it after two weeks for the Moto and have had it for over a month.

    While I loved the size and form of the phone, the Moto Droid was so much faster, the screen so much nicer, immediately changes from portrait to landscape and the battery on the Moto is a beast. I do miss the sense UI but I never used all the screens so it wasn't that big of a loss.
  8. wxjeremy

    wxjeremy Guest

    I recently posted in a similar thread about someone thinking about switching to a droid (might be in the eris forum).
    I just put my order in through telesales to get my Eris exchanged for a Droid. After getting my hands on a droid that a coworker has I really warmed up to it. I like having a physical keyboard, and while this one isn't like a blackberry, its still quite usable. And I'll echo others here, the screen is just plain AWESOME! I did also notice that the droid seemed faster than the Eris. But these aren't the initial reasons why I switched.

    Recently I've had issues where my Eris is locking up about once a day. I did a factory reset, and it still happens. My wife's Eris has never had this issue. So when I called about this Verizon told me that since I was having problems with the Eris and I'm still within my 30 days, I could switch to a different phone without paying a $35 restocking fee. So hopefully by midweek next week I will have a new Droid in my hands.
  9. jimmm18

    jimmm18 Newbie

    Me too! Because of the problems I was having with the blue tooth the Verizon store I purchased it from waived the restocking fee.:)
  10. tjrocks91

    tjrocks91 Newbie

    EDIT: Ok, so my wife and I both bought the Eris because of the “price”.

    I personally had the HTC Eris for a month when I decided to switch to the Moto Droid.

    I can tell you that the screen is way better than the Eris's. It's brighter, sharper, and just more crisp. I have not experienced any lag with movies and audio on my Droid, you might be having a problem because of transcoding or encoding issues, I don't know.

    People say that the keyboard on the Droid sucks, it's just because they have not had a Droid long enough to judge. After time you fly on the keyboard, I hardly ever use the software keyboard. Some people like the gold D-pad on the Droid but I tend to avoid it, I just touch the screen rather than using the D-pad. The D-pad does come in handy for scrolling through text to edit typos.

    All in all I say that you should switch from the Eris to the Moto Droid, you're stuck with the phone for 2 years, I'd rather be with the Droid than the Eris.
  11. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast


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