Help Im tired of my s3 and i need some help

My s3 battery sucks and i am tired of trying to fix it so i want a iphone because i hear it has an exceptional battey life espicially on standby. i have about 22 months left before im done paying it off. how much money would it take to cancel this phone and get a new phone (keep in mind tmobile no longer has 2 year contracts) would they conside the shorter battery life a defect? p.s ive tried contacting tmobile buit they dont have an email that i can see and they dont do the live chat anymore (btw my carrier is tmobile)


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According to their site (this page was last modified in 2011) if you have more than 180 left on the contract it's $200. I dint think they'll count the battery life as enough of a defect to let you out if the contract. Usually it takes something huge to get it out a contract like dropping every call you make.

Here's the link to the site I used:

Hopefully that's up to date.

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If you raise a stink, the best you can hope for is a new battery.

See what you can sell the phone should cover a good bit of what you owe on it...and then take the loss and move on.

My S3 is more efficient at using power than my HTC EVO V ever was both in standby mode and also while the screen is on...and it's even got a larger screen.

If you don't mind a petite screen, the iPhones are fine devices ;) Just be sure to get one with enough memory from the start as you can't add SD cards to increase memory.


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Of course the iPhone will yield better results. Smaller screen, no 4G etc, not as bright etc. If you don't mind the sacrifice, the iPhone might be for you. If you can go into the store and really prove that a defect is causing the battery to do this, then yea they will probably give you a new battery. Worth a try.

Maybe try GSam and see if any apps are keeping your phone awake and draining the battery.

I think my phone lasts between 12-15 hours. And 2:40-3:00 of "screen on" time. But I am a medium to medium heavy user probably.


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I'd start by turning off all of Samsungs gimmicky smart features.

Turn down screen brightness

Connect to wifi whenever possible

Turn off bluetooth or wifi radios if you arent using them

With those basic steps, you can do a lot to save your battery life. If you've tried that and it still hasnt improved, we can take a look at the other apps running and see if theres something else we cant do.

Granted I'm rooted, but I lose about 10% per hour with the screen on. With the phone in standby it barely loses anything