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Image Link Question..Unable to view

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pm5544, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. pm5544

    pm5544 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

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  2. pm5544

    pm5544 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Right, I have noticed that if I hold on the arrow I get a list of options, and if I choose open then the image does open, but I need to do this with every one of the 19 apart from the first one that opens automatically.

    Is this a stock browser issue and if so can anyone recommend the best browser to install for the android 2.3.6?
  3. j800r

    j800r Well-Known Member

    Can I just remind you that if you have anything to add in to your previous post you can just click the edit button and add it in. I'm not trying to be anal towards you or lecture you or anything but it really does seem that you do this a lot and it kinda spams the forums a little.

    Again here it seems like you're expecting the exact same experience from your smartphone as your desktop PC when things work a little differently. Are you sure there's not an app for the website you are visiting? Are you viewing the mobile version of the website or the desktop version. Browsing on a mobile device is gonna have some limitations but that's usually where apps come in

    This might help you: Time on Google Play
  4. pm5544

    pm5544 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If the initial post has been read by many subscribers and I then edit it, do these people that have subscribed to it then receive another email after I have performed an edit, say for instance I edited my post hours or days later? I didn't think they would hence why I would normally do a fresh post on the thread, but if they do receive an email after any edit then I will do as you have kindly said. I believed that email notifications only worked for new posts you see. :)

    Yes I think that may well help, I do often get an android message informing me that a specific site or forum has an app, and I normally decline because the more apps on the phone the more the memory will be taken up, but I respect your advice and will take it gladly, if the app is no use then I suppose I can always remove it, thanks for your help on this.
  5. j800r

    j800r Well-Known Member

    Unless you visit tens of websites per day, which I highly doubt, then you're not gonna run out of space THAT quick. Unless you're storing tons of music and videos on your device which I highly recommend against unless you have a large SD card. You have around 2 or 3GB to use for app storage.

    Never decline those notifications if it's a website you depend on. They have an app for a reason. Usually because certain site features are lost on mobile devices and the app gives them back, or, in the case of the app for these forums for example, the app simply makes life a lot easier for you on a mobile device.

    I again have to stress that you shouldn't really expect to use your smartphone just like you use your desktop computer. Don't rely on your web browser for everything. Smartphones are app driven and you should really look to apps first and the browser second.

    As for embedded videos which you asked about in one of your threads if you know what the embedded video is supposed to contain, search youtube for it. You already have the YouTube app preinstalled and often when a person links/embeds a video it's usually YouTube hosted anyway.

    As for thread subscriptions. People probably only get notified when there's a reply but a person is unlikely to subscribe to a thread you started and if they were also having the problem they could easily post a response saying "I'm also having this problem" then if you, or anybody else finds a solution they can post the solution and the person subscribed to the thread will be notified of the response.

    If you start a thread yourself you are automatically subscribed to it (as for as I know) and you'll be notified when there's a response. Seriously though dude, I know I'm not a mod but it's standard forum etiquette (and often part of their rules) not to double post. It's unnecessary and considered spammy. I understand your question and reasoning though and it's not like i'm gonna be able to do anything myself if you continue to do it anyway. :p
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  6. pm5544

    pm5544 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Even though as you say you aren't a mod perhaps it would have been etiquette to send me a PM about this.

    Nope, there are thread subscription options when a thread is started, and it's up to whichever is chosen whether you wish a daily email or no email etc.

    Time app didn't help btw. kept saying it had no internet connection when I hit on read more listing, think its a bug as some others experience the same thing.

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