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image rendering issues???? Help!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by psych0ticmisfit, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. psych0ticmisfit

    Thread Starter

    The problem is icons, images and animations. Not all but some, have green/yellow lines going through them.

    First it was any image or icon on the phone, so i reinstalled android and it was still there, but then one day, it just went away on its own. it was gone for a few weeks and then it came back. I didnt know what to do so I started paying close attention to what its doing and this is what i found.

    I noticed that icons or animations or images will have green/yellow lines through them or squares of green/yellow. Then i noticed it was mostly happening to images that have a transparency to it. As an example the "froyo dock" from LauncherPro tons of green lines through it. I also noticed that none of the actual android system images, icons have the issue, its only icons, images from 3rd party apps.

    could it be some corrupted cache or sdcard? someone help. Ive searched everywhere and it appears im the only one that ever ran into this problem. I have attached some pictures below. These are from the first time it did this. I dont know how to take a screenshot without the sdk installed.

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  2. psych0ticmisfit

    Thread Starter

    no one knows a fix for this or what i should do?
  3. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Normally, when dealing with video cards on my computer and other people's computers / laptops, lines and artifacts like that suggest a failing video card. Are you Overclocked? Do you do a lot of gaming?

    Finally, do these images, if copied to your computer, show the same artifacting?

    FInally, the first image is showing it in default images, as far as I can tell, not just 3rd party images (OK, well, since those are 3rd party apps, yes, technically they are 3rd party images).

    I'd be in a hurry to get your DROID checked out....
  4. psych0ticmisfit

    Thread Starter

    when images are transferred to my pc they do not have any issues with them. I am not overclocked, and i do not game too much, strange thing is when i use my snes emulator it has no artifacts or anything.

    yes in gallery it will sometimes show the artifacting, not all the time though. really the only screen it doesnt do it to currently is the home screens and app drawer. everything else has the lines now. before i installed froyo only third party apps and sometimes gallery or camera.

    I currently cannot get the droid checked out. I bought it off craigslist from some guy. I do not have insurance on it. =( so I need to activate insurance and then i should be able to get it fixed right? anyone know how long you must wait after you get the insurance, so that it doesnt look fishy?

    oh also here is a picture of what it does on every screen besides home and app drawer.

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  5. JavaWizKid

    JavaWizKid Newbie

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