Image Stabilization?


Any word on whether or not the Evo will have image stabilization for the video camera? I had a Vado HD for a while but the shaky video drove me crazy!


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Now I don't know if any other apps have something like this but I know iMove has an ability to remove shaky cam, I assume that's probably even better than any cheap digital image stabilization you would get built into a phone (I doubt we will ever see optical image stabilization built into phones but one can dream.)

I expect a lot of camera shake from videos on this phone because being a phone it is light and hard to hold, you also will probably hold it far away from your body to look at the screen vs putting it up to your eye with a viewfinder.


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I'm wondering if there will be apps that will allow you to take less compressed video at a higher framerate. There's no reason why the hardware shouldn't be capable of taking nice videos.