Help Images stored on phone???


Android Expert
I have 360 images stored on the phone. My phone does not have service anymore. Got it replaced. This phone is also rooted. When I plug the phone in, I do not get a prompt to mount the phone. How do I get these images off the phone?


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This is the Droid Incredible your new phone the Evo 3D? In any event, it should be the same story for any Android phone. Odd that your phone isn't being recognized by your PC because even though it's decomissioned from service, it should still be seen as an Android device. Check "My Computer" when plugged in and see if it's being recognized as a drive. Manually select the option on your phone...whatever that may be to switch to disk drive. On the Inc, you swipe down the notification bar and change between charge only, disk drive, etc. If need be, go into settings and change the default connection type to disk drive or similar verbage if you're running a different phone than us.