iMagnet mount.


Hi guys,

So i found the iMagnet mount in this forum when i was looking for a car mount. i can use it with my Otterbox Defender case. Here is the finished product. I had 2 cases and used one of the holsters and modified it with the mounting plate from iMagnet, that way the mounting plate does not interfere with my NFC.

It works really great and keeps the phone pretty steady when in my jeep bouncing around.

Here is the link for the mount: iMagnet Cradle-less Magnetic Mount with Quick-snap Technology, Smartphone Car Windshield Dashboard Universal Holder: Cell Phones & Accessories

For the cant beat it.






Any questions feel free to ask.

Thanks for looking.

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The metal plates are not magnetic, just the base is.
You get 2 of the rectangle plates (in the center of his case) with the 3M on the back and 1 small round plate without any type of glue.

I have a slim, tight fitting silicone case on my phone and use one of the rectangular ones but I just slid it between my case and phone, I did not and will not permanently attach it.

This is a nice holder. I ordered/received mine the same time the OP did and my biggest concern was using it during navigation, I use the waze app quite a bit, but I have had absolutely no problems with it or any other type of GPS or directional/compass apps.


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Lou - stupid question I wasn't sure but - is this part included?

I'm trying to stay away from having to insert the magnet into the back of the S3.

Yea man, what he said..... mine came with 3 metal plates. I was thinking of putting it inside the case but it messes with NFC transactions thats why i went this route.