iMemory Game for Android available soon!


iMemory is a classical pairs/matches memory game intended to develop and train attentiveness, recognition and memory skills while entertaining the whole family.

Develop your memory skills while having fun and competing for high score you’re your family and friends.

WARNING! The game is highly addictive. You will not notice as the time flies by. Both children and adults will be entertained for hours.

Regularly playing iMemory you will notice that you can easily recognize and memorize much more things than you could previously.

Playing the game is really simple. To win you need to match pairs of cards distributed all over the screen. To achieve the highest possible score, match the pairs as quickly and with the fewest mistakes as possible.

• Two game modes: Arcade and Quick Game
• 10 levels in Arcade game with progressing difficulty escalation
• Three Themes for card decks including the cards back, icons and game screen background
• 6 optional difficulty levels for the Quick Game
• Beautiful cards animation
• Timer
• Top 10 scores list
• Background music and sound effect support
• And many more

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