Feb 3, 2011
I am a new user to Android. I have been using Palm for about 10 years now and just the other day switched to Verizon and bought a Droid X. My question is this- Is there any way that I can convert my Palm Call Log and import it into my Android Phone? Thank you for your time.
Welcome to the forums, and welcome to Android, rld187. ;)

Let's see if you can get some responses to your question here in the Droid X support area, where I've moved your thread for you.

I have no experience with Palm products, but I'm thinking that it may be possible to get that data into your X's SD card at best, if the Palm has a method of working with files on your computer (via USB cable).

As far as getting call logs imported from the Palm to the X's call log, I have doubts about that, but let's see if others chime in.