Help Important Keyboard Dock Charging Question

Is this true:

The keyboard dock charges the TF when it is docked until the KB battery gets down to 10% at which point it stops charging the TF and runs on its own power. (read this in a review)

Basically, does the keyboard dock work with the transformer for 16 hours or does it shut down after its battery dies in 6.5? Does the dock work if the transformer has power but the dock's battery is dead? I have both the dock and transformer but I don't want to let the battery die to test it as I've been told that will decrease the battery life (then again I've been told to drain it and fully charge it to "cycle" the battery, whatever).



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The dock works after the battery for it runs down. I did notice I get a disconnect from the dock (as in the TF doesn't see that it is docked) when that happens but as soon as I undock and redock it works just fine. My dock came with nearly no battery life to itbut it still worked out of the box.

My only minor wish is that I could easily see the battery life of each instead of staying at 99% until the dock battery runs down.