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Importing contacts from a nokia phone to the galaxy S?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by EarlZ, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. EarlZ

    EarlZ Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I currently have a Nokia 5800XM and Im wondering if theres a quick and easy way to transfer contacts to the galaxy S ?

  2. bambiboi

    bambiboi Newbie

    This is something I'd like to know too, although I'm moving from iPhone..

    If someone is able to list the import/export methods for contacts available in Galaxy S, that would rock.
  3. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Android Expert

    Its called save all your phone contacts to your SIM Card and then once you get the galaxy put your SIM Card in and boom all your numbers are magically there. I am surprised that this is News to you all.
  4. sjdean

    sjdean Well-Known Member

    Can you not use Mail for Exchange to hook up to a Gmail account to sync contacts and calendars, then import those onto your new Android?
  5. EarlZ

    EarlZ Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Our SIM cards here cant save additional information, its only the name and the number, if you linked 2 numbers for that contact with his company name and position and other details they dont get copied over to the SIM.

    I noticed there is a V-Card option on my Nokia 5800 and it can copy the contact information to the SD card, maybe the Galaxy S can read that info as well ?
  6. bambiboi

    bambiboi Newbie


    I just used this. Worked like a charm. Pretty sure Galaxy S can sync Google Contacts for obvious reasons.

    Took me 5mins to sync my contacts from iPhone to my old Nokia and to Google Contacts - all wirelessly. Up to 250 contacts for free.
  7. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Android Expert

    Ah okay and Yes it should be able to although I have no galaxy s to test it out but if its on the sd card I don't see why not.
  8. Loba

    Loba Lurker

    Hi everyone, I can answer this question as I am currently an owner of this phone(tks to the deal between Singapore and samsung)

    With nokia, you should be able to sync all your contacts and calendar to outlook through nokia Pc suite. I was previously using Samsung omniaHD (symbian) and sync the phone with outlook through samsung pc studio.

    After which, using Samsung Kies (which does not support OS X as of yet but 3rd party doubletwist and syncmate shld tide u over), you sync your new phone with outlook through kies.

    Do check out my vids and pictures here :

    My Samsung Galaxy S Unboxing Pictures - Samsung Galaxy S Forum

    Do post any questions or things you want me to try in that thread thank you =)
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  9. rimshot

    rimshot Lurker

    I went from a 5800 to a Nexus One..
    What i did was to sync the 5800 with google contacts (do a google search on how to do it), and when u link ur google account to the Galaxy S, everything will be there...
  10. coooolboyz

    coooolboyz Lurker

  11. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    Why does nobody mentione google sync?

    Here are the instruction for nokia (symbian):
    Setup Instructions : Google Sync - Google Mobile Help

    And once you have that synced, once you initially set up you new android phone, it will pull those google contact, right?

    Peace of cake.
  12. norseraider

    norseraider Newbie

  13. Ih4teKies

    Ih4teKies Member

    EarlZ if you have the V-Card option you can upload all of your contacts to your google account (obviously you would've made one by now) and then sync from your phone.
    give us a shout if you're struggling

    nice to see you on here :)

    (dk206 from NUsers)
  14. hughdesilva

    hughdesilva Lurker

    how do you transfer many contacts from phone to phone nokia to samsung galaxy s sim card dose not have the capasity to take in more than 250 numbers
  15. Markiz

    Markiz Well-Known Member

    first of all move contacts to phone. install mail for exchange (on ovi). Set it up to sync contacts to gmail. when you enter your gmail in galaxy, it will automatically download all the contacts. After that, never again save contacts on sim.
  16. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Does bluetooth not work?
  17. androidmog

    androidmog Member

    I was going to ask the same question. When I I upgraded from my SE 850 I just bluetoothed the contacts folder across. Took about 5 mins and all the info including pictures appeared in the SGS contacts menu. (Don't know if Nokias are as straightforward though)
  18. ritvik.08

    ritvik.08 Lurker

    You can transfer the contacts by
    "Send business card" via bluetooth.
    Worked on my Nokia N-95 to SGS-I9000 :)
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  19. shiva15

    shiva15 Lurker

    hey Bambiboi...as u said in ur message you are switching from Iphone to Samsung Galaxy right? Which Iphone were u using? Which do u think is better, the Iphone or Samsung Galaxy?
  20. rayinnz

    rayinnz Lurker

    You can transfer the contacts by
    "Send business card" via bluetooth.
    Worked on my Nokia 5800 to SGS-I9100
  21. fbawa

    fbawa Lurker

    Save contacts to SD card on Nokia.
    Insert SD card on Samsung phone.
    Import contacts from SD card.
  22. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Android Expert

    Question was already answered months ago. Please don't bump old threads without a good reason.
  23. Ale57

    Ale57 Lurker

    The news is you can only do 250 contacts at a time ... how about 2200
  24. Ale57

    Ale57 Lurker

    Excelent you mark them by lots and send them much better than by sim card and pretty straight forward
  25. hasanarbab

    hasanarbab Lurker

    Ok so! The easiest, no time consuming at all and the most effective method I could find is to sync your Nokia contacts with google and get them on your android phone. On most Nokia s60 phones an application named "mail for exchange" is per installed or can be installed from Nokia store for free. To setup a google account in mail for exchange follow instructions on google support. As a new user I can not post links, so just google for "how to configure a google account in Nokia mail for exchange"

    While setting up, only select contacts to be synced and select "no" for everything else if your only goal is to transfer contacts. When setup is complete, in "mail for exchange" app opened, select "options" and select "synchronize". All your contacts will be on google in seconds. Later, just sync your android phone with your google account and all your contacts are there.

    Keep in mind to be patient. "Mail for exchange" pauses for a moment after every 50 contacts have transferred. This is the most helpful method I could find after a whole night's research and it really worked for me.

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