Importing contacts

How can I import contacts from a (corporate) Blackberry to my android (Orange san Fransisco)? They appear to have different sized memory cards so that doesnt seem to be an option. I have installed Import Contacts on the OSF, but that seem to want to look at a memory card.

It doesn't help that the OSF doesn't show on my computer (windows 7 64 bit), though I can install to it from the PC.


Try transferring via Bluetooth. Thats what I did while moving on from Samsung monte to Ace..! That was simple, fast & perfect..


The Doctor
Transferring via bluetooth will transfer the contacts as "phone contacts" which will not sync with Google.

If the OP wants his phone to sync with Google (thus keeping contacts on his phone and Gmail updated always), he should sync his contacts from his old blackberry to Google, and then it will automatically appear on his phone. Another way is via Outlook, if the OP has his Outlook configured, he can sync his Outlook to Gmail, and enable Google sync on his phone. Contacts updated in one location will also update the other two locations (phone/Google/Outlook).


I've never used a BB, but can if nothing else works, can you simply export the contacts as a csv file and import them into gmail? That's what I did with my old Nokia.