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Impressed with Epic's official Froyo firmware

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SlyFerret, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    So, who else is impressed with the official Froyo firmware?

    I was pretty happy with the original 2.1 firmware on my Epic. I didn't really feel the need to put a 3rd party ROM on it because it worked so well for me.

    I know it's been a long wait, but, I think I'm happy that Samsung/Sprint took the time to get this one right.



  2. jdizzle

    jdizzle Newbie

    I'm right there with ya! I was happy with 2.1, so the wait for 2.2 wasn't a big deal. But 2.2 makes me feel like I gotta new phone lol
  3. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    I agree as well and was thankful Sammy waiting to release something proper, seemingly without a lot of bugs.
  4. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes Android Enthusiast

    What a difference a week makes. Wonder how many at Sammy will be fired for this release.

    RESOLVED: I will be more patient in the future while Sammy completes testing rather than rush something out the door which must be recalled days later.
  5. saxologist

    saxologist Member

    I like some of the improvements. Messinging bubbles can go
  6. latinmaxima

    latinmaxima Android Expert

    I am sorry but ota updates to me are the cause. The otw update like how the moment as updated went fine. They recalled it for update issues not the release being bad. That leads me to believe that eb13 is fine. It also warns to back up everything before doing it. I ish there was a way to make every epic 9owner complete a survey on how they did there update and if it worked. I bet a lot went fine . I am absolutely impressed with this phone once updated and i can see me actually keeping it for atleast the year. I still have my Moment and use it daily as well cause it is still that good of a phone contrary to what many believe. Good job samsung!
  7. droid newb

    droid newb Android Enthusiast

    I'm thrilled with it! And I just don't understand people "hating" bubble texting. Seriously, what's the big deal?
  8. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Android Enthusiast

    I'm not impressed. way to buggy & certain key features I'm used to are gone .. But to each his own
  9. SlyFerret

    SlyFerret Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I really haven't noticed any bugs yet.

    What method did you use for updating? Did you do a hard reset durring or after the update?

  10. Flaspeneer

    Flaspeneer Well-Known Member

    I'm pleased with the upgrade because the bugs (which do exist and are visible -- vanishing icons, for instance) have been minor compared to the enhancements in overall speed, minimized crashing, flash implementation, much-improved GPS performance, syncing and battery life, and added options on most of the settings pages.
  11. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Android Enthusiast

    Update.zip .. I did hard reset still have issues. Someone said to try doin the full install .. ehh idk. I can't believe how shitty the stock browser is on eb13 .. I like that browser for its simplicity and now its a pita
  12. TheAlien

    TheAlien Member

    I used update.zip, took less than 10 minutes, barely more than 5 actually. The first few days the battery life was worse then when the phone was new. First night, going to bed with a full charge, it died before the alarm was to go off in the morning...about 6 hours later! However, last night, giong to bed with full charge, woke up with 93%...about 8 hours later.

    Yes, I figured out some of my settings for autokill and startup had changed, so I put them back and now everything is great. But I didn't lose any icons, no programs went away, no files missing from the SD card, it just Worked.

    One thing I really really like, other than flash that lets me watch my movies from home using Subsonic (GO GET IT BTW), is being able to edit the buttons at the bottom. I now have contacts, handcent, calendar, and Dialer One instead of the stock buttons. HUGE improvement for me, in addition to all the minor ones.

    (Oh, and I ordered the 3500 mah battery for 30 bucks, so that'll help if the battery issue comes back.)
  13. iBleedBlackNgold

    iBleedBlackNgold Android Enthusiast

    i took it back to DI18 for now .. spare time is something i seldom see to sit at a PC but when i get some ill try the 200mb install but i dont see what will differ . . . someone says its the full install as opposed to just an update .. idk im not super slick when it comes to phones i know just enough for what i need to know lol but it cant hurt to try . . anyone have an opinion ? .. worse case i can always flash back . . . .
  14. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    Tried the update.zip and it was unstable on our Epic (fc's, black screens and reboots). Flashed with the official updater which wiped the phone and it was better but still had nagging issues (less fc's and black screens, but still there). Did a hard reset and re d/l (as opposed to using Ti b/u) all apps and it seems to be fine now. I would recommend a full update (updater or Odin, your choice) followed by a hard reset to be sure. I also had to clear the sd card cache for the camera and music to work correctly, an issue many are having.

    [sarcasm] I'm impressed with Epic's official Froyo firmware too [/sarcasm].
  15. lawlhai

    lawlhai Newbie

    i'm sorry but eb13 sucks. laggy, browser now sucks, tired of sms notifications hanging out long after i've read them. i've manually reset it and even did two other complete re-flashes from the beginning. then add in the fact that my wife has the same phone with the same issues flashed from a different computer - seriously, i simply don't believe the people that say they have ZERO issues.
  16. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what the deal is to be honest. I updated via update.zip, didn't do a hard reset or anything. My phone isn't laggy, Browser was fine, but I use Dolphin HD regardless, and I'm not having any issues with SMS notifications.

    I had Handcent setup before the upgrade, and it's working the exact same way as before. Only one notification, and it goes away the second I open up the app.

    I'm still considering a hard reset, just to see if it changes anything, but I really don't know why I would.

    The biggest thing I'm peeved about is the "Time Without Signal" thing is still an issue. So, each time I turn my phone off, I do the airplane mode switch, but over the past few days, it doesn't seem to be as effective as it was with 2.1.1.
  17. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    I wasn'tecommending the epic before the update but now I don't have any problems recommending it at all to anyone. Our phone is amazing now.
  18. Todd1

    Todd1 Lurker

    I thought with 2.2 the stock browser was supposed to have tabs? Anyways, I've used all of the browsers in the market, opera, dolphin, skyfire.... but the best by far is xscope. Xscope pro esspecially with their new update is great and it has tabs! Its a lot like using chrome.
    I had camera issues by the way after froyo update. Updated camera firmware and did factory reset and works fine now.
  19. DroiKid

    DroiKid Newbie

    I updated via the update.zip method and everything runs perfectly for me! the battery life is dramatically better and the phone runs seamlessly, just rooted it today and am thinking of flashing a rom but am not sure, don't know much if anything what difference a rom would make. One thing I did notice (and not a big deal [to me anyways]) is that Quadrant Standard scores only went up around 80points average, I am sitting around 1050... Also after rooting and overclocking to 1ghz, the scores actually dropped =O any idea why? And does anyone have any suggestions for any good roms running off of 2.2.1? Have never flashed before so want a stable but good one for my first time. I rooted via CWM one click method here
  20. gme109

    gme109 Android Enthusiast

    Well since Froyo hasn't been officially released, because of all the bugs, and the fact that, not all that much has changed, I'd say I'm certainly not impressed. I had to swap my phone out, for a refurb with 2.1, because 2.2.1 cut my battery life in half, and had much slower 3G speeds.
  21. alanamaslama

    alanamaslama Member

    I think I'm more surprised by the fact that an official release of Froyo was so buggy. I updated my now-bricked Epic 4G with DK28. Here were the issues:

    - Significantly lower performance speeds overall, lagging everywhere
    - Wifi would not connect more than once per restart
    - GPS unable to lock on within 2000 meters
    - Calendar applications and widgets were unable to detect Gmail subcalendars for syncing
    - Bluetooth connectivity prone to shutoff on its own
    - Camera automatically geotagging photos
    - Voicemail app was not recognizing new voicemails (instead I had to dial in to check voicemails)
    - Some Desktop Visualizer widgets would sometimes not work after a restart (and then repeated restarts), so I had to delete and re-add the ones that didn't work
    - The pull-down notification window's brightness adjuster feature was inconsistent and was left to either the brightest or darkest settings
    - After selecting to download or update apps, the phone would fail to do so, leaving the "Beginning to downloading" or "Installing..." going on in the background. I had to make sure the phone would follow through on downloads, otherwise the download would disappear into the background and murder my battery life.

    That phone bricked when I tried to Odin back to Eclair. I exchanged it for a refurbed Epic 4G, which I wiped then updated to EB13 manually (then wiped again). Now? None of those are issues. This phone is faster than ever and it's fully functional. I can actually make use of all the apps I download. After dealing with DK28, this feels like an entirely new phone.
  22. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    I think there's a bit of proof of why it's imperative to start from a clean slate on firmware upgrades. And while I enjoyed stock EB13, I updated back to Bonsai with it's official update on EB13 and it was even smoother. Then I gave Syndicate a go, and it was a whole new phone. Things just snap to the screen like I haven't seen on the phone. And I do wonder if CarrierIQ is one of the culprits lagging down the phone and decreasing battery life. Would be interesting to see if Bonsai ditches CarrierIQ and the difference in how it runs between the two.
  23. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Android Expert

    Froyo was officially released then pulled back. Technically it isn't currently officially available but it was officially released...
  24. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Android Expert

    Technically it is officially available just not OTA. It can be downloaded from Samsung's website and done through their updater. The problems were OTA related. The majority of the people that wiped their phones and updated via the update.zip method or via the samsung updater have not had issues.
  25. acasalin

    acasalin Newbie

    The only issue I have with EB13 is the Bluetooth support. The bluetooth voice diasling is still buggy..(1).the phone fails to disconnect even when headset is turned off.when this happens, phone sounds, even though volume is turned up, are muted.. (2) the volume of stock bluetooth voice dialer can't be adjusted when giving commands like Choice Dialer +

    It appears, from other forums, that EB13 has faulty A2DP implementation

    There is also problems supporting the newest headsets like the Q2, icon, and voyager pro

    I can't believe that a phone like the Epic doesn't have all stock functions working properly. Even the lowly "Moment" had better bluetooth support. Those of us on the road, who need true hands free bluetooth, are out in the cold again,,,Cmon Sprint!/Samsung!:cool:

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