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In call voice changer app

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by milleniummanp7, May 22, 2011.

  1. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

    Is there such a thing? I know there's one that allows you to record and playback your voice with various effects, but it's fairly pointless

    I'm looking for one that allows me to actually change voice while on the phone to someone, purely for a bit of fun to wind up some mates


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  2. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

  3. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

  4. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

    Bump this again. The app that was recommended before has been removed :/
  5. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Android Enthusiast

    Try spoofpro or frippie.
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  6. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

    SpoofPro is the one that's gone. I'll have a look at Frippie, cheers :)

    EDIT:// Cant find Frippie anywhere on the market?
  7. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Android Enthusiast

    Sometimes apps are only available with certain phones. Both popped up when i typed in "call voice effects.
  8. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

    They're not showing on my HTC Desire HD, so that must be the problem. Cheers mate :)
  9. ninja_reject

    ninja_reject Android Enthusiast

    Weird, I have the same exact phone. The inspire is a clone of the desire HD. Maybe its because you are in a different country. I'm sorry you can't find anything. I would try other app stores. Is the Amazon market still US only?
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  10. milleniummanp7

    Thread Starter

    Bugger, its the country. If I look on the computer rather than my phone, I see the app, but my phone is greyed out and if I hover it says that it's not available in my country.

    Cheers anyway mate :)
  11. slaine1111

    slaine1111 Lurker

    I looking for application to real-time (during call) voice-change or edit settings of the microphone, can somebody help me.
  12. Peimur

    Peimur Lurker

    For anyone having location issues with the market, try this:

    Anyone know of a very simple voice changer that's completely free? All I need to do is boost my mic input, but it needs to be persistent and for every call. I have to yell at my phone for people to hear me =/

    Edit: Phone is unlocked and running Nottach Trix ROM, Busybox, and Superuser.
  13. ykelentonador

    ykelentonador Lurker

    millennium u can find removed from the market apps in the black market... spoof pro is there...
  14. mofugggz

    mofugggz Lurker

    The reason those apps are removed from market is because it did not comply with the market rules. as that app is illegal in about 10 states without the consent of the second party, which makes it impossible to play a joke legally, but you can just go directly to the websites and download the .apk file, plug phone into pc, mount sd. put .apk somewhere on the phones sd. go into settings and applications. check the allow third party software box. and then open a file browser. browse to file, and install it!!!!!!

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