Help In car holder for Galaxy S2


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So, has anyone got one?
Would you recommend it?

need to find one that will hold phone in landscape and portrait, not looking to spend a massive amount but equally don't want a piece of rubbish

Please help! :D


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I just bought a vent holder from scosche for my Captivate, but it will fit any phone.

It's about 15 bucks from Wal Mart. Amazon also sells similar things, $13 for one that includes both a vent holder and one that sticks on windshield.

Anyways, as far as the scosche, it works well, stable and easy to install, rotates either portrait or landscape.

It's (by "it" i mean the entire vent holder concept, not the implementation) not as "great" as I thought it would be at first though. Fact is you still cant really do much without drawing attention from the road (I guess I thought I would be able to focus on the road and still play with phone) and sometimes I think just holding it would be better, But for certain things, would be nice. Watching/listening to a video for example, it would be unbeatable.

Also I feel a little weird playing with my fancy smartphone while driving my beat up 94 truck LOL, wondering what nearby drivers think. My phones is literally almost worth more than my truck (kelly blu book trade in value on my truck is something pathetic along the lines of $400-$600, not joking, but hey it's still a good daily driver)
What about one that's specifically designed for the S2? I would prefer if it acted as a dock so when I set the phone in the car mount, it automatically plugs into the USB and starts charging. This way I could avoid the second step of plugging in the charger...