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Root In desperate need of...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rmp5s, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. rmp5s

    rmp5s Well-Known Member
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    Apr 6, 2010

    Apr 6, 2010
    ...a REFRESHER course! lol

    I have had TheDudeEdition v1.0 on my G1 for about a year now. I have decided it's time to mix it up a bit.

    Well...in my recent research, I've stumbled across some unfamiliar things and I really don't wanna jack up my phone...I love my G1 (in all of its old glory...lol).

    I want to give Maxismas Sapphire Sense v2.0.1 a shot.

    [ROM][G1/MAGIC:32B] Sapphire Sense by Maxisma v2.0.1 [25/OKT] - xda-developers

    Most of that makes sense (the SPL and radios needed and all that I've delt with before) but I haven't messed with partitioning and stuff before. What is all this about partitions and stuff? I know what partitions are (I work in IT) but I'm unfamiliar with how it relates to the Android OS. If anyone can give me a quick rundown on how to get this working, that would be awesome!

    And, since it's my first post, here's a bit about me for the helluvit:

    Phone: My Black G1 and I are in Southern Cali. G1's, rooted, running TheDudeEdition v1.0 I've had the good ol' G1 for a year and a half or so now and it's still going strong. Despite it being through a LOT, it has no cracked screen (knock on wood), no issues, no problems...amazing hardware! (I've even dropped it from significant heights...like...over 6'...a few times onto concrete and it didn't even shut off!)

    I MIGHT replace it with the Nexus One when it comes to Verizon this spring but we'll see...the HTC Evo coming to Sprint later this year looks AMAZING...:-D

    So...yea...look forward to the forum!



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