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in need of help with Baked snack 1.8

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ar30laa, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. ar30laa

    ar30laa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    well im new to this rooting thing, my evo was sucessfully rooted then i started to look around for ROMS and Kernals and i see that baked snack 1.8 is pretty good so i downloaded it put it on my SD card, wiped my phone and cache and when it is opening the zip file that it is in, it says (BAD) and doesnt work, can somebody tell me what im doing wrong, btw i saw on the baked snack website saying that i need to have the lastest wimax update and newest radio, are these things im going to need or i have to make sure my phone already has those things. please help :D

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  2. GirlGoneGeek

    GirlGoneGeek Well-Known Member

    Did you OPEN the zip file or try to flash it in recovery?
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  3. ar30laa

    ar30laa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i was told you didnt need to open the zip file just to have it on the SD card and i did everything through the ROM manager and it took me to recovery mode then i press open rom for zip found it on my SD and then bam! it says its bad and wont work =[
  4. ar30laa

    ar30laa Newbie
    Thread Starter

    WOOP i got it i gussed when i downloaded it from the site i just messed it up, just redownload back on the SD and then it worked like a charm.
  5. madiom

    madiom Member

    Your going to love the way this ROM makes your phone work.
  6. kyle4miller

    kyle4miller Lurker


    I'm running an EVO that I rooted using unrevoked. After using CM6 for a while (and frankly getting tired of all the bugs) I found a mirror on XDA that put me back to the stock image (while somehow keeping root, yay). Now I'm tired of stock again.

    I've tried to install baked snacks 1.9 AND 1.8. Each time I get the same error:

    Could not install sd/blahblah

    My process is:

    Download file from Baked Snacks website to root of SD
    Boot into recovery
    Attempt to Flash
    Used NAND to restore to my previous image
    Try again

    Yes, I'm sure I have root
    Yes, I've tried downloading the rom several different times
    Yes, I wipe data/cache each time
    I even tried renaming the file from: bakedsnack1.9.evo.zip to bakedsnack1_9_evo.zip

    no luck

    Any ideas?

    *********UPDATE********** Rom is currently installing. WOOT! The fix was making sure the Download didn't time out (i was downloading it from the site directly to the evo) and NOT touching it in any way before flashing. Hope it continues to work!

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