Jul 30, 2012
i will be most grateful for any one who can help me

i'm following the "uniquely android" and this week it introduced the "llama" app. this app follows your location and depending on your location you can give it certain tasks.

so i've been playing with its options for a while now. one of them was the screen lock option which apparently didn't work. i was trying to set it to have no password when i'm at home and have the one i gave it when i'm out.

but it didn't work. at the time that i was doing this my phone didn't have a system lock either. but suddenly tonight the screen went off in my hand and when it got back on it wanted a password. i know the password i gave it and i've tried all my other usual password but nothing seems to work.

i'm living in a country sanctioned by google and there for have no access to googleplay. all tha i have is a USB and an MTP connection.

please someone help me. :'(
You can try pressing Power+Home+Vol Up simultaneously. This would bring you to the menu screen with the option to factory reset the phone. This would mean you lose everything. So if you still can get MTP connection, try retrieving everything through that. Also, try to see if you can get Kies to backup your contacts, sms and etc. before doing the factory reset.

Also, although I know a factory reset would work, it can be quite a hassle to do everything again. So wait a couple of days to see if anyone else have a better idea.
thank you very much

i've tried taking a back up using kies. but even that asks for a password. can't you please tell me of another program using MTP for the same thing?
Nothing I know of that can be done without accessing the phone. Sorry.

With MTP connection, can you access the phone memory? You can copy whatever you can out. But contacts is inside the internal phone memory which you can't access. That's why Kies might have worked but if it also ask for password, I am stump. Hope you sync your contact with google previously, or have a previous backup file.