Help In what app Can I transfer just the new annotations from offline pdf file to the pdf in the drive?

Hello! I'm a uni student that read and annotate pdf textbooks all the time.
I want to
1. Upload my textbooks to google drive..
2. But further annotate them as i go along the years.
3. Without having to upload the same file again and again. (I want to transfer only the new annotations that are made in the offline file)
I have noticed that When I make the pdf available offline and annotate it's being uploaded at the end of the session. Is that uploading the whole file or just the new edits.
Ps- the pdf i use are most of the time above 300MBs. So reuploading the whole file is not an option for me.
Thank you in advance!


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How are you annotating it? There is more than one way, so while I think it's unlikely that what you ask is possible (it would require that whatever service you are uploading to recognises the upload as pdf annotations, knows what pdf to add them to, and has a tool to integrate them, all of which will need specific design and tools on the server side as well as your device), without knowing what you are using to annotate or what you are uploading to I can't see how anyone could give an affirmative answer.