Help Incoming calls lagging


I just got my phone back from ZTE today for repair and I was having this issue before where it takes 3 or 4 rings before my phone actually rings. My phone will ring twice when I get an incoming call and then go to voicemail. Before my phone would either not ring at all or ring once or twice and go to voicemail. I have 4 bars where I live and great service has anyone else experienced this at all? is it a network issue? because I was googling and read where someone's prevail was doing the same thing.


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I always thought this was a cellphone thing, seeing as most other phones have a delay before they figure out they should be ringing. I don't think it impairs your chance to answer the phone, and just regards the network finding/contacting the phone.

...and yeah, I've seen this on Tracfone and Net10 before too, and never noticed it not happening.