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When I'm in my car I always have my phone on listening to my music. If I call someone… after the call my phone is still unlocked. However, if someone calls me… after the call my phone goes back to lockscreen. Checked everything, everywhere. Any answers to prevent the lockscreen after receiving a phone call?



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Open developers options, and turn on Stay Awake.

This will keep the phone from sleeping while plugged into a charger.

So, yes, you will need to plug the device in, but the screen will only dim after your set timeout and so the device will not sleep or lock.

A nice addition to this is Greenify, which can do multiple things- one of which is to turn the screen off when the Home button is long pressed.
This would be nice to put the device to sleep while charging at home or work.


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I tried that, but it didn't work. Probably because my phone isn't plugged in when in the car playing music. I already have an app called "no screen off" which is always turned on. But yet, when I recieve a phone call and hang up… still goes to lock screen. If I make the call myself, after the call is ended, the phone doesn't lock screen and returns to regular open screen. However… every once in a while, when I make a call, it will go to lock screen. And having to log back in to control music ir use assistance, while driving is too dangerous. Thanks for the proposes ootiin though., this stupid if you wanna remain "hands off" while driving.