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"Incoming messages rejected. Message memory full" & "Insufficient Internal memory"

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yogstar88, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. yogstar88

    yogstar88 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys I need some help here, my phone constantly gives me a notification saying, "rejected incoming messages. message memory almost full" although I've deleted most of my messages and my inbox has very few messages now. Another notification I get is "insufficient internal memory space" and it does show 16-17 mb free on the internal phone memory, which I agree is low, now since the Galaxy Ace's internal memory is low and I have moved all apps that I can to sd card using Root Explorer and also Gemini App Manager, what else would you suggest I do?

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  2. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    Could be the same thing when you have low batt and can't open camera. Perhaps Android needs at least 20 Mb just in case. Anyway, quite strange, 16-17 MB is more than enough to store a few sms more :thinking:
  3. insekticide

    insekticide Well-Known Member

    Hi. I have the same problem when i am out of phone memory. Deleting sms and email will not work. Try deleting and moving apps. There is a great tutorial on how to install apps directly to sd card in this forum.
  4. innanninna

    innanninna Lurker

    hi! I have the same prob but what you can do to fix that is removing excess data from your applications in your phone. Go to settings click application then go to a certain app (specifically social networking such as facebook or twitter) then click "clear data" Dont worry it will simply log you out of your profiles and you can just log in again. I do this all the time :) Have a nice day
  5. a4a117

    a4a117 Lurker

    Where is the tutorial to move apps to the sd card?
    sorry, newbie here.

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