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Inconsistent Alcatel A521L Pop Star 2 LTE

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by markjs, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. markjs

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    There are two problems that have driven me insane about this phone. If it weren't for these, it's a great phone and having got it for $40 was a great deal.

    Anyway, first problem is it has always been very hard to get my PC to see it as storage. I'm not a novice and even set as a media device, it will often not show either the internal storage or the SD card, no matter what you do on the PC. It seems to show up more often with debugging on, but often fails to allow access to storage even then. This happens with different cords that work fine consistently with other phones. No clue why this would be and have searched all over for answers and gotten nothing. I even have done one factory reset and the problem remains. Anyone have a clue?

    The second problem relates to music on my SD card using the basic music program of the phone (NOT Google Play Music). I have certain songs that disappear, while playing the playlist, and I have to rescan the media to get them back, but it keeps happening and it's always the same songs that go missing. So another stumper, and I wonder if the two problems might be related?

    Anyway, the last thing, I'd like to root the phone, but have tried two root suites to no avail. Any help in this are would be appreciated as well. Thanks.

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