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increase battery life/ widget ideas

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by glamgirl0201, May 19, 2011.

  1. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    2 questions: first,is there any thing I can do to make my battery last longer than 6 1/2,7 hrs? I already have the gps off,brightness lowered and backround data disabled.

    second,I think I'm slowly became obsessed with widgets lol. Any ideas for some new ones? Here's a list of the ones I already have:

    fancy weather
    minimalistic text
    colorize (facebook)
    express horoscopes
    volume ace
    power amp

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  2. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast

    I can't help you on the widgets, except for Synker https://market.android.com/details?id=com.afterhoursdevelopers.android.synker
    which will allow you to sync when you want after turning off auto sync.
    As for battery life look in Settings>About Phone>Battery use to see what could be killing your battery other than Cell Standby and Phone Idle.
    Beyond that, if you're not rooted, I'd suggest doing so and installing Sense ROM by joneidy
    I've noticed a big increase in battery life with that versus the stock ROM, which I had removed all bloat from too.
    Now I can leave GPS on, have live wallpapers and still have a little battery left, around 15%, after 14 hours.
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  3. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been to look it synker but I kept forgetting so thanks. I'm not rooted(but want to)I'm scared imma mess up phone though.
  4. shigglyboo

    shigglyboo Well-Known Member

    I too am experiencing short battery life. I went to sleep last night with my phone at 100%, woke up at 15%

    It also seems like it's taking about 4 hours or more to charge. I borrowed my room mates charger for his Motorolla phone and it seems to charge a bit faster...

    Under the 'about phone' area it says that "while unplugged for 10h 33m" this is what used up all my battery:

    cell standby - 64%
    phone idle - 32%
    wi-fi - 4%

    Is this normal? my phone should lose approx. 90% of its charge overnight just from being on standby and idle? I'm thinking my battery is defective or something.
  5. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    The new option available lets you 1click root your phone even on 2.2.1. The only thing is you need to have your SD Card backed up just in case.

    With stock setup and no apps even installed, my battery life was 6-7 hours untouched. If I went to bed on a full, just unplugged battery, I woke up to a dead phone. All I needed was root to save my battery. I keep sync, WiFi and GPS enabled 24/7, and my battery last anywhere from 16-34 hours; calls and media usage depending. I found that the only thing killing my battery life was Metro's bloatware.
  6. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast

    Motorola charger?? Be careful with using chargers that were made for other phones or off brand chargers found on ebay. The amount of power allowed to your phone for charging is specific, an off brand or another phone charger can deliver too much juice while charging and could cause the battery to leak, over-heat or worse.
    My wife bought some off brands from ebay that were supposedly for the LG Optimus M but they were delivering way too much juice. I'd pick up the phone while it was charging and couldn't unlock it or do anything with it because of the extra current flowing into it.

    I know I'm going to get some grief for this but, it is my experience that batteries need to be seasoned. Meaning that they should be fully charged, then fully discharged, several times for them to have a longer battery memory.
    NiHM batteries are supposedly not affect by this problem but practical experience proves to me that they are.
    If I get a new NiHM battery, charge it fully and then only let it drain to 20% before charging again, that 20% level will now be its 0%.
    I now a lot of us are guilty of not being able to put down the new toy so that their batteries can be seasoned but, it does pay off in the long run.
  7. shigglyboo

    shigglyboo Well-Known Member

    I'm not too worried about off brand chargers, it's using a slightly non-standard mini USB plug. I was thinking maybe the one that came with my phone is defective. I get about 15% per hour while charging. Which means I basically have to spend 1/2 the day plugged in, because my phone dies every night. And in checking the 'about phone' area it seems this is normal.

    Is LG known for crappy batteries? Any recomendations for a replacement battery, or a proper charger that could charge this phone in an hour?

    I'm assuming Standby & Idle are essential processes, but if they run down the battery to 10% overnight it's almost a deal killer, that means my alarm won't go off and I may miss an important morning phone call or message.
  8. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    I know this might be a stupid question but how do you back up the sd card. And how exactly are ppl getting the different roms on there phones after rooting?I getting confused around that part
  9. jabbawest

    jabbawest Android Enthusiast

    Back up your sdcard contents to your PC via USB.
    You need to do some reading over here Optimus M - All Things Root - Android Forums

    Rooting http://androidforums.com/optimus-m-all-things-root/336196-1-click-root-optimus-m-gingerbreak.html
    Install Custom Recovery http://androidforums.com/optimus-m-...nally-custom-recovery-2-2-1-stock-phones.html
    Choose a ROM to flash. I'd suggest the Sense ROM
    2 Videos tutorials on how to
  10. peebz

    peebz Newbie

    You should definitely root my phone is smoother faster and with some custom settings (setcpu, juice defender) my batt life is great.
  11. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    Jabba linked you to a good deal of information. Just remember that after you root, everything else is (kinda) optional. If you don't feel comfortable going beyond that point, you don't have to. The battery times I posted are with the stock ROM and I used a program called Titanium Backup to disable the bloatware. This way I can always re-enable everything and do a standard factory reset if necessary. When my comfort level gets better, I'll probably move up to custom ROMs.
    This phone doesn't charge in an hour. I don't think I've seen any smart phone charge in an hour, lol. Best you'll get is ~3 hours with the phone on after rooting. Because the stock setup eats away at the battery, you're losing juice as you put it in. Problem with most apps is they don't register under battery usage. I can spend 3 hours killing my battery with Angry Birds but it won't register. However location based apps such as Foursquare, Google Maps and Waze GPS do if they run for a measily 5 minutes.
  12. agent0064life

    agent0064life Newbie

    What exactly did you get rid of and what did you replace it with (in cases of easy wifi manager)?
  13. Darnell0216

    Darnell0216 Android Expert

    Frozen Apps:
    (Metro) AppStore
    Boingo WiFi (to the extent which it freezes)
    Calculator: Using RealCalc from Android Market
    Free Games
    Gmail: I use stock mail
    mail@metro: I use stock mail
    MetroNavigotor: Google Maps, Waze Social GPS
    MetroPCS Easy WiFi: built in WiFi
    Mobile Banking
    Mobile IM
    RSS Reader
    SNS: replaced with Facebook for Android, TweetDeck for Android
    Weather 2.2: Weather.com App, giving Go Weather a try at the moment.

    I haven't deleted anything in case I need a quick Factory Reset. Deleting them is not worth the ~15MB gained and having to flash the phone to return it to stock.
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  14. thunderkiss65

    thunderkiss65 Well-Known Member

    You dont know what youre missing by rooting your phone, I aim on the cm7 rom and if youre into customizing your device nothing better out there :D. very simple instructions. i tried the sense rom then the cm7 rom in a matter of 10 minutes just to see the difference in speed, cm7 much better.
  15. alexxseven

    alexxseven Well-Known Member

    if your looking for battery life, i can get almost a full days worth on my phone, i use juice defender for its ability to manage my radio when i don't need it and cut off things like data, and i use overclock widget to manage my processor speed when the screen is off and when it's on. :)

    this is with my screen at full brightness, no live wallpaper, data sync and gps enabled, and powerAMP playing music all day c:

    im rooted though and i have removed all the metroPOS bloat ware :)
  16. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Android Expert

    I installed Gas Buddy and experienced much shorter battery life.

    I uninstalled it and the problem persisted.

    This morning I rebooted the phone by removing the battery and re-installing it.

    I'll let you know if that worked or not.

  17. glamgirl0201

    glamgirl0201 Member
    Thread Starter

    ok I'm confused...what does that have to do with prolonging battery life? that app is for find cheap gas prices
  18. jimmy1wheel

    jimmy1wheel Lurker

    Try Juice Defender.
  19. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    Go one click father and you can see more details. If you have a high percentage of time without a signal, that will kill your battery. Keep in mind that the phone will constantly search for a signal until it is connected to three towers. You might never actually lose a signal, but it could still be wasting battery looking. I have not found a solution to this.
  20. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Android Expert

    It worked.

    My phone is back to normal now.

    Instead of discharging over 50% in 6 or 7 hours, it has hardly discharged at all.

    I don't know why it worked, but I remember the woman at the Cell Phone store telling me that whenever the phone acts weird, take the battery out, wait 10 seconds, and put the battery back in to reboot the phone.

    Notes ♫
  21. astmd1655

    astmd1655 Member

    My first post! And I can actually contribute :)

    My wife and I bought 2 phones on MetroPCS. She got the Indulge and I got the Optimus M. She hated her phone once she found it was a battery hog. I wasn't too happy with the Optimus at only 8 hours or so. I started with the basics like wifi, GPS, BT, display, etc. Same. No change. I did think it was strange that wifi ssid's were showing with the wifi off. Then I figured it out, without rooting. MetroPCS easy wifi and/or Boingo wifi was turning wifi on without my knowledge. I went into the settings of both apps and disabled them.

    No root. My use got me 19 to 20 hours at 5 to 10% battery left. Then the wife found out and now she has the Optimus and I still have no battery life (until the extended battery comes out)

    Hope that helps
  22. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    The thing with gas buddy is it connects to the internet, and to gps so if you let it it will be using battery 3 ways, its own process and then by searching gps and internet. That is why it used so much battery.
    You can do 2 things make sure that the app is closed when your not using it, just pressing the home button does not turn it off you have to use the back button to close it, from what I read. And other ways is to have gps disabled so its not constantly polling the gps.

    Oh and I think all the wigets can consume battery as well.
  23. Notes_Norton

    Notes_Norton Android Expert

    Thanks for the back button tip. I could not find a way to turn Gas Buddy off. They should have put an off option in the settings box.

    Right now I'm using it in the web browser and it works fine. I have GPS disabled on the web browser, but it isn't much work to type the zip code into the Gas Buddy web page, so I don't know if I'm going to re-install.

    But after leaving my phone on standby all day, when I plugged it in and hit the home button it showed charging with 97% left in the battery so the draining problem is definitely solved.

    Notes ♫
  24. new optimus

    new optimus Android Expert

    That is always good, I use the gas buddy app, If I am not home and need it the app is much quicker then loading the web page, I barely get 40k/bs speeds and I cant stand waiting minutes for a web page to load up, that is not even counting the time it takes to search.

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