Increased 4G speeds in Seattle


Has anybody else in the Seattle area noticed increased 4G speeds since the Froyo update? Before the update, I was usually seeing speeds of 2.0 - 2.5 Mbps, I am now reaching speeds of 6.0 - 7.5 Mbps from my office in Pioneer Square. What are the rest of you seeing in the Seattle area?


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They must have upgraded your area because when I was in the Seattle airport I was getting closer to 5 (weeks ago).

I have noticed the speeds have consistently jumped a from 5-6 to 8 in Atlanta (where I live).


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I'm not surprised. Its and up and coming network... Sprint and Clear will slowly improve WiMax for everyone. Just give it a little time.


I haven't done a speed test since Froyo, but I can now get 4G at my desk which I've never been able to get before. I'll test the speed during lunch. Never have seen over 2.8 before so it'll be interesting if it went up.


I can't say what the cause is but I checked following applying 2.2 (.3) and my speed at my house in Bremerton has doubled. I've got WiFi plugged into Comcast, so I don't usually have the 4G radio on at home, but this is fast enough that I may drop Comcast.


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Im in Spokane and unfortunetly we dont have 4g. But my 3g speeds went through the roof, I got 2.5Mbps yesterday.