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Increased life for Desire battery - Really works.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by humma78, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. murphwiz

    murphwiz Newbie

    Carried out battery charge cycle as in that thread, did a couple of tweaks, but phone still fully usable, used navi for a hour or so, fiddled and played, twitter, texts etc...

    This time yesterday i was on 15% and charging, today on 50%.. maybe it works?

  2. bigr1979

    bigr1979 Member

    I have tried to do this myself, I thought there would be nothing to lose. I have got to say that I have noticed quote a large improvement. I have mine set to wifi contantly at home and turn it off all day at work. I have email synching every 1 hour and facebook 2hours. I leave mobile nextwork on all of the time, gps turned off, bluetooth only on when I am in the car (30mins each way to work with internet radio streaming all the way or spotify). At the moment I have acheived 1 day 11hrs and 18min with 6% battery remaining. Usage in the day is quite minimal, the odd text or short call and email.
  3. robinta

    robinta Well-Known Member

    I tried this method and at first I thought I'd mailed it. lots of internet usage from charging without hardly dropping. I used the phone heavily until evening when at showing 24% left, the phone started powering off and showed 0% ! obviously something had altered in the charge process but skewed the display. since then the usage has returned to normal. I will try the method again on my next day off, as I don't know if I followed the instructions to the letter.
  4. justjax

    justjax Newbie

    It worked for me, not really sure exactly how much extra battery life tho. It was about 50% when I went to bed last night and normally its showing the yellow/amber low battey warning .. but yesterday wasnt a fair test as I didnt finish doing the charing process process until late morning.

    Today I forgot I'd switched off the gps, wifi, bluetooth so again cant do a proper comparison but even so I can definately see an improvement, but were probably looking at about a 20-30% increase as opposed to doubling the battery life.

    So does anyone know whether this like charging 'black magic' need to be done every few weeks or should it hold this level of charge?
  5. bigr1979

    bigr1979 Member

    That's strange, mine turned off at exactly 0% as it hit, charging back up as normal now. I am rooted with open desire froyo rom 1.0c from Adam G.
  6. JsT

    JsT Well-Known Member

    Tried for a third time last night, the device seems to use less battery when idle but when in use the battery freefalls as per before.
  7. broads desire

    broads desire Well-Known Member

    we;; final verdict... went to 10% at about 11pm... much better than normaly...

    BUT on a normal charge last ngiht unplugged about 1am... i woke up and the battery was at 89%....

    i cba to do this whole charge process every time so jus gonna have to deal with it..
  8. BlueDan

    BlueDan Member

    Same here, but still not a great improvement when idle.
  9. I tried this and it made no difference what so ever!

    I think its something you should do to condition the battery on its first initial charge, the guy in carephone warehouse said to first charge for 5 hours, but I would say 8 hours would be the optimal amount of time for a first charge! Whether the turning off and turning back on method has any effect who knows?

    For all the people who have said it works I dont think will be able to give accurate readings anyway, as they probably didnt use the device exactly the same once they tried this... its too difficult to say whether this works or not in my opinion
  10. azz

    azz Well-Known Member

    Im going to try this tonight, with feedback tommorow :D, normally i get about 6=8 hours out of my battery before it starts crying for more charge.

    those that have succesfully done it and worked, can you give me a percentage my battery should be before i start this method. thankyou

    wish me luck :)
  11. minerwilly

    minerwilly Newbie

    The Percentage doesnt matter , just follow the instructions to the letter . I have had a huge improvement , just came home from a day at work and it was still 70% instead of about 30% .
  12. chanyto

    chanyto Lurker

    i tried this and it seemed that it increased my battery life for a few hours..is this idea ok? is this overcharging and damage the battery? from 10% to 100% i believe it only take less than 3hours to fully charge.. this process takes 10hours to charge..
  13. franchise

    franchise Lurker

    I think, for me at least, it has reduced the amount of battery used while in standby. My phone was on 95% when I went to bed at 10:30pm last night, and this morning at 8:00am it was 91% which is a tiny amount considering it would usually drop a good 15-20%. It is 4:15pm now and I still have 65% left (according to the battery level so who knows if it will die before 0%).
  14. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

  15. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

    These days Li-Ion batteries don't overcharge, the reason to charge past full is to "top up" the cell, I guess that method in the XDA link is to wake the battery circuitry. I'm probably getting a Desire soon so I'm going to try this method.
  16. JasonC

    JasonC Android Enthusiast

    It's worth noting that if you charge the battery slower it will hold more charge, therefore it will last longer. I found this out after looking into battery charging a LOT when I used to race RC cars where the battery level/power is critical.

    The charger I used for charging RC car batteries cost in the region of
  17. sookster54

    sookster54 Android Expert

  18. JasonC

    JasonC Android Enthusiast

    I still have a couple left myself in the loft, but I don't get time for them anymore though. I raced electric and nitro and the battery technologies I've used over the years included, NiCad, NimH, L-ion and Li-poly, all of which needed special chargers too charge them properly.

    Obviously they all use different chemistries and have different pros and cons but the principal of charging was pretty much the same for all where the speed of charging was concerned. The newer technologies obviously don't suffer from memory effect like the old Nicads used to but they aren't perfect and a full discharge every now and again helps a lot.
  19. moosecake

    moosecake Newbie

    For me this is like a blood transfusion, my battery life for the battery fix to make it last longer, my desire worked wonders, it has now been unplugged for 24 hours solid with no re charge in-between, still got 35% battery left, I've used it a lot today same as I always do, before would be dead in about 6 hours, honestly it really does work! So give blood and give life!
  20. moosecake

    moosecake Newbie

    And its got background data on, mobile data on, pings Facebook every hour and the weather every 3 hours, have turned live wallpapers off though, if that was off I'm sure it'd be longer too, I like all my stuff to auto update, I can cope with a charge that lasts the whole day and evening, 6 hours was crazy!
  21. biggdaniell

    biggdaniell Well-Known Member

    ...except for lithium batteries (like the ones in our phones).
    There used to be a sticky post in this forum that gives a lot of information about every type of battery and the guy who wrote it said a full discharge of a li-ion battery is the worst thing you can do the your battery.
    For other types is indeed recommended!!
  22. Shofar

    Shofar Android Enthusiast

    Did the Battery Thing last Saturday. Looked great until yesterday. No real change in usage. Today like it was before the conditioning.
    Will condition again tomorrow and see if the levels increase again.

    If this is typical it is a conditioning that needs to be repeated on a regular basis.
  23. biggdaniell

    biggdaniell Well-Known Member

    Yes, looks like the trick it's only working once. I think I'll try JasonC's recommendation (charge the phone slowly) but I need a new charger (I won't broke the original one).
  24. l0gan5

    l0gan5 Newbie

    I just got 48 hours from the last charge since performing the 'conditioning'. That included a few short phone calls, some browsing, apps etc..
  25. rx93

    rx93 Member

    I tried this trick last night and will wait to see the outcome.

    I noticed that after charging my phone over 9 hours with phone on (complete the 1st step). Unplug it then re-plug it for another charge (2nd step), the LED is still ORANGE, while it's instantly GREEN for the 3rd charge. I would think the battery never fully charged while phone is on?!

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