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Incredible 2 not so Incrediblem?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by John58543, May 5, 2011.

  1. John58543

    John58543 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I guess all the fanfare we used to experience (Droid, Eris, Hero, Original Incredible, Droid X, etc) with phone launches is no more. This forum seems pretty dead compared to other phone sections...wonder what the deal is? Phone seems to be a good phone, just not the latest and greatest...

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  2. moondrius

    moondrius Android Enthusiast

    I think a lot of people are skipping over it. The Thunderbolt has a lot more to offer for an extra $50.
  3. zimmy

    zimmy Member

    From where I stand, the phone is darn incredible!

    Beautiful screen, great battery life, snappy interface, and for me "GLOBAL READY" is what clinched the deal.

    Also, I'm hearing that those LTE radios (like on the T-bolt) are real battery hogs. And I'm usually around wifi, so didn't see any real value in 4G data.
  4. daveydog

    daveydog Android Enthusiast

    it might not be the latest and greatest, but there's no 4g in my neck of the woods, and the tb has its issues, I still think they rushed that one to the market (which is funny since it was late). The Inc is a better looking phone in my mind, and at 439, i felt the value was there to not have to lock into a contract... I think I want to be done with the commitment to verizon. Got mine at bestbuy at zero% for 18 mo, so I can just slap down 50 here 100 there, and have it paid off in 2 months pretty pain (and contract) free.

    I'm not against the tb, but man it does seem like that phone has had more issues than it should have and I'm not even talking about the battery.

    Comparing the 2 screens, I thought the inc2 had a more crisp screen.
  5. VA5oh

    VA5oh Newbie

    I love the incredible 2. I thought about the TBolt but after reading so many threads on tricks on how to get the battery to survive through the day, I decided to pass. To spend that kind of money on a phone and then to have to bend over backwards just to get the battery to last a full work day was unacceptable. These guys are spending so much time figuring out how to get the battery to last and I just didn't want to go through that. That and I wont have 4g available in my area for a while.
  6. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    Everybody asks me why I didn't go with the Thunderbolt and I always tell them 4G, 4G, 4G, over and over again. Battery hog, more expensive, lack of service/reliability.

    I think the marketing has been subpar for the Dinc2. Thunderbolt is EVERYWHERE on the media outlets, so you can easily tell what Verizon wants you to buy.
  7. kennydunn

    kennydunn Newbie

    I am very happy with mine (I find it difficult to love a phone). I seriously considered the TB but decided it was just too dang big and 4g doesn't really matter to me even though it's reported to be here over the summer. I get perfectly acceptable service out of 3g on the phone. I ain't running a web site off it.

    After mulling it over and playing with both off and on for a few days when I went to buy I happened to get the one sales guy in the store that had a TB. He grilled me over my choice to the point he had me questioning my own reasoning. I played with his phone for about an hour and decided to sleep on it. The next morning I came to my senses and went down and got the Inc2. Happy with my choice.
  8. John58543

    John58543 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This thread wasn't designed to trash talk the Inc2...its a great phone. Just cannot believe how quiet this forum is!
  9. kennydunn

    kennydunn Newbie

    Could it be that quiet=happy owners? So much of what I encounter on the various fora is people seeking help with problems. Also appears that many of the folks here are already over the Android learning curve.

    Then again, maybe we are just a very small community and the big group went with the TB or are waiting.
  10. Lespaul20

    Lespaul20 Member

    I think kennydunn hit the nail on the head but I'll add...

    TB had much more marketing by both Verizon and the media because of the fact that I was delayed internally for a month. It's the first Verizon LTE device. Rumors were much more rampant with the TB. Even though it is nice phone there isn't anything special or groundbreaking with it. It just works well with a limited number of issues.

    Comparing it to the first generation of Droids just doesn't work. Those were the first high-end Android smart phones for Verizon who needed to compete with Apple.

    The TB never had, that I know of, a huge media event like the phones you mentioned. That kind of launch is probably not going to happen for every new smart phone. My point is the smart phone industry has largely peaked as far as hugely innovate products.
  11. pucrepeap

    pucrepeap Well-Known Member

    The phone really does seem like a GREAT phone. My wife just got one, and hasn't had anything bad to say about it. In fact I haven't seen any issues real significant and worth complaining about. Bloatware maybe...

    the phone is a great upgrade to anyone with a MotoDroid and earlier. But I think with those with an Incredible, Droid X or 2 or any phone from that time frame, those are the ones holding out. Even though the Inc2 is a fabulous phone it's not big enough as an upgrade from those to use your upgrade on. Especially with a lot of new phones on the horizon. Ones with 4g and dual cores. Those that bring something new to the table instead of enhancing what is already available like what the Inc2 has done.
  12. canonlaw

    canonlaw Lurker

    I had a Droid 1, and while I really liked the phone when I got it, I soon found out the 550mhz processor was just not up to handling much of anything. I quickly got frustrated just viewing photos, webpages, and waiting for the OS to respond to button presses.

    My coworkers made fun of me when I got the Dinc2 because I had only had my Droid1 for a year, but the Dinc2 is so much better, it is incredible (no pun intended).

    I can see why anyone with a 1ghz phone wouldn't get this phone, not enough of an upgrade, but for any D1 users, it is a huge upgrade. And, forget the Thunderbolt! I didn't want the battery issues, and the processor/ram is not much better. It is really just better in that it is a 4g phone, but I don't want to buy the first 4g phone. I want to wait till they have been out a while!
  13. ACD168

    ACD168 Android Expert

    once (IF) root is ever done.. give it time guys, the inc1 took awhile and only had S-OFF with no way of doing S-ON for quite some time.. hopefully unrevoked is checking it out for us that is our best bet.. the incS can be rooted with an XTC-clip giving it S-OFF, I have a clip, but it doesn't support the inc2.. yet..
  14. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I agree completely. A quite forum is usually a good sign. Mosts posts you read on any forum is either someone complaining about the phone or needing help. Very few people start a post just to say how happy they are.
  15. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Android Enthusiast

    The fact of the matter is the reason why things are so quiet in this forum is because no one is buying this phone. It's evolutionary, not revolutionary. It's hardly worth wasting an upgrade on. Hence, no activity here.
  16. Kori_Tamashii

    Kori_Tamashii Android Enthusiast

    I wasted my upgrade, haha.

    But I have another upgrade on the shelf, so if something else pops up... I'll be all over it.
  17. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I can understand where you are coming from here. But, what about for someone who is looking to get their first Android and is not interested in 4G. Would this be a good phone to get for your first Android?

    I'm going to be upgrading this weekend and I'll be switching from a BlackBerry.
  18. lberger

    lberger Lurker

    This is my first Android phone also and my first post here. Lots of new stuff to learn. I am loving the phone. I was actually looking for the original incredible but could no longer find it so I waited a couple of weeks and got the Dinc2. Good phone.

    disclaimer....opinion is from a newbe:D
  19. VA5oh

    VA5oh Newbie

    This is my first android phone and I couldn't be happier. I came from a blackberry storm and couldn't wait to get rid of that phone. I toiled over the Tbolt and Inc. 2 but the 45 threads complaining about the battery life scared me from the Tbolt. I love all the useful apps that android offers, phone customization and I've had no problems with battery life with the INC2. Also a great Droid phone to learn on in my opinion as I've had this phone for over a week now and i keep running across new things. I'm a happy owner with no buyers remorse at all
  20. CFW

    CFW Lurker

    My first Android phone also. Have been looking for a replacement for my Blackberry 8830 World Edition for quite some time, the global capability was a necessity. Had issues the first several days with battery draining incredibly fast. It may have been due to all the apps being downloaded and installed and becoming familiarized with the phone. I finally did a soft reset on the phone last night and today has been the first day that the charge has remained at a very respectable/tolerable level, so much so that i've decided to say I love the phone. Can't really say much as to lack of fanfare but I visited the Verizon Wireless phone store twice before deciding to buy the phone and each time, of the four Droid phones displayed, the Incredible 2 had the most attention. Thanks for all the posts I've picked up alot of useful information from the various forums concerning the sync capabilities and apps prior to buying the phone and it has been invaluable.
  21. AliceBToklas

    AliceBToklas Member

    Welcome CFW! You made a good choice. The battery seems to improve after a few cycles and we all drain it from futzing about when we first get it.
  22. Alec22

    Alec22 Lurker

    Upgraded from a Droid Eris, so far a great phone and a massive improvement from the previous phone.

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