Incredible 8/10 or X 8/25?


Hi, I am new to the forum. I do not have a droid yet, but I am thinking of upgrading to one from a non-smart-phone. I am new to the genre and have verizon service. As the incredible and the X are the same price I am not sure which one to get. It seems that most of what I read is split 50/50. I could have the incredible shipped to me on 8/10/10 or the X would ship 8/25/10. Should I wait for the X?


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Hi, I am also new to the forum and I am also on Verizon Wireless. I have been looking for a new touch screen device to replace my BlackBerry Storm. As of this moment, the Incredible and the X are the two best touch screen devices on the Verizon network.

The up sides of the X are the larger screen and the HD video capture. But that's about it. The Incredible has a better screen (AMOLED), a better UI with HTC Sense, and a better manufacturer (i.e. HTC).

In my humble opinion, HTC is a much better manufacturer than Motorola in quality and reliability. Before the Storm, I have been using the Windows Mobile devices from the XDA to the XV6800. They are all made by HTC and the quality are absolutely marvelous. On the other hand, Motorola's track record is not at par with HTC.

Therefore, in my case, it is not a question of Incredible vs X. It is a question of whether I should wait for the EVO to come to Verizon Wireless. I will not leave VzW because Sprint does not have the same network quality. Many of my friends on Sprint have been complaining about their poor network coverage.

In my humble opinion, the EVO is by far the best Android device on the market, period. Unfortunately, it is on the wrong network. So the Incredible is the second best.

Does anyone know how long is the Sprint's exclusive period on the EVO? Is it the usual 6 months term? But I don't know if I can wait for 6 months.



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Hi! I'd like to welcome both of you to the Android Forums! I think both are great phones! It's all about personal preference though. Personally I think I would go with the X.