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Incredible android application in search of beta testers!

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by StellaSFY, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Automatic news summary from many sources on smartphones!
    How would it seem to you having automatically on your smartphone a single summary of the news from multiple sources? Unbelievable? Yet, now it seems that not only can it go into practice, but it is also offered freely to all so as to become a part of our everyday life! Its name: NewSum!

    Who does it?
    SciFY(www.scify.org), a not-for-profit organisation which develops cutting-edge information technology to solve real life problems and offers it freely to all, including all design, implementation details and support needed.

    What is NewSum?
    A really innovative application, NewSum(NewSum - SciFY - Science For You) that automatically summarizes information from many sources and combines them in a single text! It is an intelligent summary of all the different information that you would get if you read all the articles from all the sources you visit (or that you would like to have time to visit...). With the use of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, news are summarised and all repeated information is not duplicated. All these in a user friendly, tested and effective application.

    Why do they do it?
    As SciFY puts it: "The goal of this project is to reinforce pluralism in news coverage. Think about it: How can you get the whole picture in your areas of interest, fast? Up to now, in order to be well-informed about what you really want to, you were obliged to visit at least 2-3 different sites/blogs and spend valuable time reading news that are by 80% the same

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