Aug 4, 2010
i know this has been posted before. but i ordered mine and have not used it yet. but i read all abiout the bump charging so i decidied to try it on my stock battery well guess what....... my stock battery which is usually 90% full after doing a 10 minutes of use and practically dying every night after 13 hrs.

well i charged my stock battery, unplugged it powered off and on and bump charged it for another hour. and after 10 hrs i have 80% left. i checked facebook, texted, a few calls, pandora for 30 mins streamed to my car with bluetooth, and bluetooth on the whole time and GPS on for 5 hrs but not using the maps app.

is this battery life possible from the stock battery?
i ordered the seidio 1750 and its in the mail but i may just send it back if this is what i'm getting off the stock battery.
Bump charging definitely has merits...it is NOT placebo as some suggest here. Your 80% is difficult to say after 10 hours everyone uses their phone differently and the signal strength is a large factor as well.

I'd be right happy if I were you :)

btw the Seidio 1750 is an improvement over the stock....and by quite a bit, but I must say the bidallies 1500mah battery for $14 on ebay is just as good as the Seidio if not a touch better....maybe because it is OEM idk. Check out the threads on it and enjoy your stock battery bump charging efforts! :D
let see on standby just checking emails on the 1750 at 45 percent I had 15 hours on the clock... I think this is good as it gets to have a bigger capacity battery and be able to use any case with your phone.
im just wonderinf what this 'bump' charge really does and why its so necessary? they should fix the firmware with the 2.2 froyo so we dont have to do that. but if my battery is gonna be this good then im debating if i should even bother with the 1750 seidio battery.

any opinions?
My stock battery has lasted me 24+ hours once. And other times it's lasted 14 hours. FWIW, I bought an HTC 1500 battery, and I am experiencing better average life than with the the 1300...

If it were me, I'd keep the 1750.

battery life is too dependent on how many apps you have updating for this to be useful information for anyone else. for example i have 3 email accounts updating to my phone, 1 push and 2 are every 30 minutes. then talk about the widgets you have, how often do they update? your weather app? etc...
After a full day use my phone is NEVER over 50%. im sure if i removed all the apps that update all day long my battery life would be "Incredible" as well. no complaints though, i understand this little thing is doing a lot. it replaced my laptop and my laptop battery was 3 hours so hell im happy with 12-14!
I use a app killer so I stop the apps opening as soon as they see ac or usb charging when on. My emails updates like every two minutes as well. weather i think hourly. I totally understand limiting your apps. But didn't er get these really cool phones for just that coolness and diversity of use. If you turn everything cool off you might as well just go buy a phone that makes phone calls only. Yeah battery life strangely now is a struggle I remember charging my i465 clutch on a Sunday and after a bunch of use three of 4 days having to throw it on the charger. Hopefully with some software foxes and app developers getting smarter about battery usage this will be a thing of the past.