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General incredible hot spot vs ipad with 3g

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rcyphermd, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I am toying with getting an ipad or motorola xoom. Which is less expensive: to use the mobile hotspot from my incredible, or the 3g option with the tablet?


  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

    Depends if you want to tether "legally" or not. Free tethering can be done with the incredible without rooting.
  3. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    How so? And if you want to do it "legally", what is the price difference? Thanks for your help in advance!
  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Extreme Android User

  5. Hellequin

    Hellequin Newbie

    $20 vs. an ipad subscription from AT & T starting at $14 and going up from there, plus the iPad is much more expensive with that option.

    If you have your phone with you always it is a better option to use mobile hotspot, plus with the Inc. you can get free internet without rooting
  6. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I assume the free internet without rooting is pdanet or the loophole described above?
    Is the speed the same with the Inc hot spot vs the internal 3g? Appreciate the help!
  7. Hellequin

    Hellequin Newbie

    speed is better with hotspot. I own the wifi version of the iPad and my father has the 3G version. My hotspot is noticeably faster
  8. ral2108

    ral2108 Newbie

    off topic, but ipad 2 supposedly coming soon so you may want to hold off if you are going that route. I personally have been thinking of getting a tablet and think i would prefer Honeycomb... but I also own a Macbook and love the quality of Apple products so I am kinda torn.
  9. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yes I am leaning toward the xoom for that reason. Does the mobile hotspot use a lot of battery? I am concerned when I travel if I a better off with a 3G vs hot spot and battery life. But I hate to pay a monthly fee for something I do not need that often
  10. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    Are you suggesting tethering your phone is getting faster speeds than the wifi version of the Ipad?
  11. Hellequin

    Hellequin Newbie

    No I'm suggesting the hotspot with wifi version of ipad is faster than the AT&T 3G version of the iPad

    I didn't do extensive testing on this however everytime we played angry birds or buying new apps mine always loaded new levels or browsed the app store faster
  12. DixieNormas

    DixieNormas Member

    From what I remember from reading others threads and forums, yes hotspot does eat up your battery. But maybe only when data is being used actively.

    please someone correct me if im wrong.
  13. sta7ic

    sta7ic Well-Known Member

    It does use a lot of battery. I think its actually easier and safer to just root it then trying to do the loophole posted above.
  14. vasilator

    vasilator Well-Known Member

    Ah, that makes more sense. Wifi most always blows away any 3g device. With the 3g device you can also do wifi as well though, right?
  15. Hellequin

    Hellequin Newbie

    yes but the hotspot is still 3G only through verizon. My point is AT&T sucks :eek:

    and yes the 3g version ipad is also wifi

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