Incredible Memory Question


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Could someone please help me out, I have a droid 2 and am considering swapping for an incredible. Is the 8gb or whatever only for pics and music and such or is it use for apps, or is the app storage strictly only the 512mb?? Thanks in advance


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You are confusing the memory with storage. There is an internal storage of 8gb, and there is a microsd slot which by default comes with 2gb. By default pretty much everything is stored on the internal storage. You can set most stuff to the SD card, but some apps cannot run from SD (nor would you want them to).


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due to most phones not haveing an internal storage most android apps dont see the internal memory and save to the SD card... so yes you will need a SD card to use most apps... but for music/photo storage the internal memory is great... only reason you should need a card bigger than 2gb would be if you plan on rooting in which case I reccomend a 16gb due to the size of backups and roms