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Incredible on 1YR Contract or iPhone on 2YR?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by briman4031, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. briman4031

    briman4031 Member
    Thread Starter

    So now that Verizon has an iPhone I'm considering giving it a shot. My current thought process is I can get an Incredible on a 1YR contract and hopefully have 4G in my area next year, or just go for the iPhone and enjoy the hardware for the next two years. I know it seems like a no-brainer and this probably isn't the best forum for a non-biased answer. But what do you think? I like android, I'm okay with iOS, I like the hardware on the iPhone better, but I like Android better than iOS?:thinking:

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  2. Thats

    Thats That guy is This

    Well, I will give you as non-biased answer as I can. But if you buy the iPhone 4 which is already a 6 month old phone, you will be stuck with that for 2 years. Two years on old hardware is a freaking eternity in todays world of ever evolving technology. Granted the D Inc isn't much better. You'd only be locked into that for 1 year. Then there's the possiblity of missing out on iPhone 5 and iPhone 6.

    +I personally think the Dinc is a better phone than the iPhone 4 (antenna, still.)

    Goodluck with your choices!
  3. mrjerryk

    mrjerryk Well-Known Member

    Wait for Thunderbolt
  4. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    Iphone4 - came out in July 2010 if i rememeber correctly, which means you'll be buying old technology for new technology price.
    HTC incredible - a great phone but also kinda old tech.

    Why not grab one of the new phones thats coming out in the next month? Merge, Incredible2, DroidX2, Bionic, LG revolution, Galaxy S 4G, Thunderbolt etc
  5. briman4031

    briman4031 Member
    Thread Starter

    I was considering waiting for the thunderbolt. I had a few concerns. I live in Salt Lake City, they don't have 4G coverage here yet so the 4G wouldn't be a draw, and they still haven't announced the data pricing for the 4G. (I won't pay extra if they don't have coverage) I just traded in my Eris and loved Android and rooting my phone. I got by just fine on 3G and wifi. I don't download music and see the only advantage to 4G being if I tethered my phone. (Which I did for a few brief weeks before my broadband was set up.) Definitely concerned about the iPhones hardware getting outdated, but then again I'm using a 4 year old Macbook now and it still has a Intel Dual Core 2.0ghz, 2 Gb RAM and a 500GB hd. Still plenty for my needs. My biggest draw to the Inc. is the ability to upgrade early in a year if they have 4G available. All I know is my BB Pearl that I had to reactivate to trade in the Eris is not going to cut it too long. So I have to make up my mind. If I could get the Apple hardware quality with Android, I'd be one happy camper!
  6. JrzDroid

    JrzDroid Android Expert

    Get the thunderbolt and don't activate the 4G. The only other phone I can suggest is the lg revolution since Motorola is a bunch of f#ckheads
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  7. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Android Enthusiast

    Salt Lake City is on the 2011 map for 4G this year. The Thunderbolt will have the ability to do voice and data at the same time. That is what I've heard so far and it can be done on 3G as well as 4G.

    If you don't have 4G yet the phone will simply work on 3G until you get 4G. The rumor release date is 2/24/2011. We will not know until this week if that's the true release date or not.


    I'm using the Droid X for now until the Thunderbolt is released. I'm currently on day 3 of my Droid X "rental" until the Thunderbolt is released.

    Getting the Incredible or Iphone this late is really pointless. Like others have said, you're paying new phone price for a old and very outdated phone.

    If you are dead on getting the iphone, the iphone 5 is gonna be relase this summer, and I'm not sure if Verizon will get it or not. You might as well wait for it.
  8. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I would say neither. I prefer the Dinc, obviously, but they are both dated phones.
    I think the Dinc is still in the top 5 best phones(iP4 too) of the phones which are currently available, but that will change in a matter of weeks.
  9. Sailingmaster

    Sailingmaster Well-Known Member

    You don't have a choice. The Thunderbolt is an LTE phone, not a CDMA phone. It has to have the 4G sim card, even if you don't live in 4G coverage.
  10. briman4031

    briman4031 Member
    Thread Starter

    I believe LTE does use a SIM card as stated above. Though the DInc. is a dated phone, It's really not. That's like saying that my 47" LG LCD is dated because it's a year old. But that's the lie they spin to keep you buying new hardware every year. Definitely the 4G and the front facing camera are the biggest upgrades in the thunderbolt IMO, but not that great of an advantage over the DInc. I don't plant on doing video chat because that would require my family to be on face chat tech and they're not. Simultaneous data and voice is nice, but lets all be honest, we've made fun of those on ATT for the last years because that was the only claim to fame they tried to hold over our heads. In the end, that's kind of a stupid feature? I'm pretty sure I'll go with the Inc., root it and underclock when sleeping to save some battery. I would have been happy with my Eris on XTRSense 4.6.5 for the next year, but they offered $132 and I only paid $99 for it so it was a no-brainer. Thanks again for the replies. Your opinions are welcome.
  11. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    Good choice. Get it on AMZ. it is free($0.01).
  12. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Your TV is very much dated. Is it 3D? <1" thick? Use LEDs for the backlight? Is the bezzle <0.5"? Is it loaded with apps? Can it stream movies via the internet? With built-in wireless N? It's ridiculous, but TV's are moving just as fast. Does it make your TV unwatchable? No, but you won't be taking advantage of the latest and greatest. That may not matter to you, but it doesn't make it any less obsolete. Phones are the same. You don't need the next gen processor, or dual core, so you say, but did you know that it's easier on the battery for the same tasks? The screens are getting better. The Bionic is qHD. We'll also see more qHD screens by late summer/fall. AMOLED keeps getting better. Qualcomm is cramming the LTE modems onto the processors which means thinner, lighter phones with less dead space around the screen. I like my Incredible, but it's beginning to leave a bit to be desired. The video out isn't great at all. The accelerometer and digital compass are spotty. But it was great in its time, and is still a good phone. I'll be ready by the end of the year to replace it. Besides, if you pick one up now with a S-LCD display, I'm not sure it's worth it. Might as well get a Fascinate with the better processor.
  13. briman4031

    briman4031 Member
    Thread Starter

    My friend you have bought the lunar property, hook/line/sinker. Just because it's not the latest doesn't make it outdated. If they come out with a tv that makes toast, I already have a toaster and don't need it to do that. There is a much smaller difference between moving from LCD to LED backlighting. It's not like the jump from VHS to DVD to Blue Ray. I still stream internet over the gaming console so I don't need the tv to do that. It's still full 1080P HD. I will never buy 3D tv cause it's a gimmick and quite honestly makes me sick. Obsolescence means no longer in general use; fallen into disuse, I assure you my 47" tv will be valid for many years to come. The Droid Inc. is not Obsolete by any means. I believe there is also a point of leveling off and we haven't seen the next big jump in phone technology yet. The thunderbolt is still utilizing a single core processor, by your measure it will be obsolete by Christmas. That's just not the case. It may not be the newest but it will be completely functional.
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