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Incredible Problem (pun intended)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TzuDohNihm, Sep 23, 2011.

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    Christ, this thing(HTC Incredible) the past few months.... let me see if I can recreate what happened and possibly get some help.

    Last night I had my phone hooked to a computer as a disk drive as I do every single Thursday(teaching class). The only difference was that I borrowed a students USB cable to do so. It was an HTC cable so no big deal I thought. I had used the same cable from the same student Tuesday night. Last night I switched to charge only, let it prepare the SD card and then disconnected the cable and returned it to the student. Some few minutes passed, I don't believe any more than ten, as I answered questions from students and when I looked back at my phone the screen was dark but the screen was on. Not dark as in off, OK? The orange indicator light was on as if it were charging. I hit the power button to try and rouse it, began hitting home buttons and back buttons and nothing. Tried all this for a few minutes and then decided on a battery pull.

    Pulled the battery and the phone started up slower than normal but things were going. Slid the slider down on the main screen and was greeted with what I thought was a 2.3 Gingerbread update notice. I excitedly hit next through all the screens and got the phone going and when I did the following was wrong:

    1. I immediately received a notice that Twitter and Amazon App Store have stopped unexpectedly and need a Force Close.
    2. No 2.3. Seems like it may have been some sort of kernel update(recalling the jumble of numbers I hastily skipped through) but when I checked my kernels the versions all date from a year ago.
    3. No Contacts. All of my contacts were gone. Thank GAWD for Verizon Backup Assistant. Those were easily restored, but...
    4. None of the aforementioned contacts were linked to FB accounts that they should have been. Had to manually redo this.
    5. My personal Contact Card is empty and is no longer linked to my FB page. I cannot recall how this was done in the past to redo it.

    6. Not a single app that is on my SD card is working. Nor are they showing up in my app drawer.
    I have unmounted/mounted the SD card numerous times since last night, pulled the battery again and nothing. I did hook the phone back up to a computer and everything is there. My settings page for the SD Card does show that it is properly reading the storage space of the card but all the Apps on it are the green android box and when I click on them I get the "The linked program is no longer installed on your phone" message.

    7. My alarms that I had previously set were all deleted.
    8. My chosen weather locations were not working.
    9. My ringtones were all reset to default. The ringtones are on my SD card and I can utilize them, but I cannot use the apps even though they show up in the SD when I look at in on the computer.
    10. The Weather Channel app gives me the following message when i try to use it, "Please enable data access... The Weather Channel is aborting" even though my data access is on and I am able to use it for email sync and the browser.
    11. My GMail accounts were no longer syncing.
    12. Twitter and the Appstore still refuse to work.
    13. Nearly every app that IS working is taking me through the usual pages you get when you first open an app, either telling me about new things in the app, requesting that I accept previously accepted user agreements or asking my to sign in to apps that I was signed into before. Slacker radio is on version 2.1.4 when I know prior to yesterday that it was on 3+. Other apps are telling me that they have new updates. I got a notice from the market this AM that I have five apps that have updates. All apps that were up to date yesterday. And lo and behold the Market is now force closing on me as I have typed this.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!

    Looking through other parts of the phone it genuinely appears that this thing has reset itself to a point in time about a year ago with some things carrying forward. Calendar dates are still present but sync schedules for mail are all defaulted for example.

    There may be more as I am still going through the phone.


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    Are you rooted or not rooted? My impression is that you are not rooted because you were excited to get the GB update. Why not do a full factory reset? What you are describing is exactly what any of us have done when we change ROMs and do a full wipe. The only benefit to being rooted during that process is you can restore your apps with Titanium Backup. The Market should have record of all of your apps and help you re-install them. While it's a PITA to reset your wallpaper, ringtones, alarms, etc. it's not too cumbersome. Also, you should be syncing your phone with Google that way if this ever happens, all of your contacts are synced and never lost. Facebook sync is easily done through a factory reset as well. Sounds to me like somehow it scrambled information on your SD card. You may need to format that card as well, but I'd give it a try without doing that if it were me.
  3. TzuDohNihm

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    Not rooted.

    Browsing the SD card via USB eveything is present. I see all the app info on the card. The card is being read correctly as far how big it is and how much space is left. The ringtones and notifications are being read off the card. My photos are being read off the card. The apps are not. And I can't get into the market anymore to check my apps.

    A factory reset will eliminate my data, correct? For example I would have to start all over on Angry Birds from the beginning?
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    Yes that is correct. But it sounds like that is what you have to do already since your SD card is no longer reading it correctly. Wait to see if anyone else has any ideas here before you do it, but if you want a functioning phone and no other ideas come up, at least you have a way to get it going again. Good luck!
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    As the day is wearing on almost every other app on the phone is force closing on me.

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