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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by sandyeggos, Jun 4, 2010.

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    Newly an Android owner. Bought the Incredible the first week it launched. It is a pretty neat phone and easy to use with my fat fingers but incredible? Not exactly. I have been around since computers were invented and certainly happy to have such ready access to the speed and power but would really like to have full use of all functions in daylight. The screen is top notch indoors but forget about productivity while soaking up some vitamin D. With bluetooth in the mainstream, I wonder if HTC is fully on board with several absent functions including voice activated dialing. Over a month after purchase, I am still trying to get a battery that lasts the day after light use.(yes, I have the app killer.) Anyway, I will keep it and hold out hope HTC will nurse the popularity hangover, pull up their bootstraps and get to work on the essentials in an enhanced programming update. Peace out...or something like that.

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